Posted by: brendaintheboro | January 19, 2020

Saturday Redemption

We managed to get a couple of early morning rides in during the week but they were very damp. It did make me aware of just how quickly the moon starts to wane as we were out.

Then it became much wetter and we were looking forward to a  Friday ride but the Met Office let us down, We had planned to have a ride to check out a road over near Leeming. This came about because we have been looking out and planning routes for the Spring and Summer trips – all being well with my knee.

We have friends in Leeming so had decided to take the folders over in the car and have a short ride to Barnyarns that  sell needles and threads, Yes I am a bit addicted !!

Anyway, by the time we got to Leeming the rain was pouring down. We had a nice chat with out friends and DH suggested checking out the route in the car. Actually, I am glad we did because it is not the quiet road I imagined it would be. It runs parallel with the A1M and I thought it would take most of the traffic. On a Friday morning it was busy with not only cars but large wagons too. So Komoot didn’t get a quiet enough route for me.

I did buy some titanium coated needles and a couple of new threads for a quilt I am working on and spent the rest of the day sewing quilt blocks.

What a contrast the weather was on Saturday!! We were up early and still had our stuff sorted from the previous day. At 8.15am , we hit the road and headed down across Newport bridge. As we passed over to the north side , I looked down and saw a chap sitting on the river bank with a few bags around him.  I was concerned that he was homeless and so went to talk to him as we passed close by. I wanted to make sure he had money for food but he laughed when I asked if he was homeless and said he had come to sit and enjoy the quite and peace of the river. He had been to one of the local  supermarkets and had bought up the loaves they sell off cheaply so he had plenty to eat.

So I went away feeling at least I was willing to help, if not needed on this occasion. We cycled along the river, dodging the morning runners and followed our usual route across to Hartburn. As we rode , we could see a helicopter up in the air and wondered where it was going.

Well , we found it.


Crossing the road , we knew why it was there as further along the road were 4 or 5 emergency vehicles including an ambulance and paramedic vehicles and police. I do hope that things went well whatever had happened. P1030531

In my opinion , this is a charity well worth supporting.

Carrying on, we rode along and through Long Newton and followed NCN 14 across to near Middleton St George.  The rain over the week lad left the track through the woodland , a muddy mess, so we chose to take a slightly longer route coming into Darlington where we had a diversion as the signage disappeared – or we just didn’t see it. Eventually, we came to another road and spoke to a lady who pointed us in the correct direction. Passing the Blackwell Grange hotel, I knew exactly where we were, but in traffic accessing the A66M. A bit busy , but we crossed safely and took up out usual route to Cleasby,.

Our destination for the day was Eppleby , were we haven’t cycled to since last September.  We noticed much more frost on the ground after Darlington. I was glad to see the village shop/café is still open and  went in to use the facilities and buy cheese scones.

We talked with a poor chap who had come off. He had been riding in a group and one of them had hit black ice on a steep descent and 4 of them had gone down. He hurt his hand and I fear he may have fractured his pisiform , a small bone in the hand . He was more concerned about his ripped cycling tights at that time but said the pain was kicking in.

DH and I sat in the bus shelter having hot oxo and our scones and saw him cycling home to Cleasby, one handed. I do hope I am wrong and he is back to normal today.


I have been trying to get a photo of my bicycle for Jon on the Cycletourer website but am still not getting success.

From , Eppleby  we rode back along to the Roman road leading down to Piercebridge and I was very careful as this is a good downhill but I could see the frost. Carefully does it.

We passed through the village and turned right along the A67 for a short distance before turning off towards the Medieval Ulnaby  farm shop. I called in to try and get some locally produced rapeseed oil but it had all gone. So it was off through Darlington and then  back to cross the A66 on route 14.

A huge puddle greeted us n the other side of the bridge – not really unexpected so it was along the cycle track on the side of the A66 and under the tunnel to get across to Sadberg where we had another stop for a biscuit and another hot drink. We sat at the small memorial garden and there was a lovely view across the fields.

So, the usual route home with a detour to buy a birthday gift for one of my sons and we were home by 3.00pm having cycled almost 55 miles.

My legs were a bit achy and I really welcomed a hot shower. I was so cold that the water running off my chesticles  ( thank you Ilona) and bum , was cold by the time it hit my legs.  I was so pleased to have ridden more than 50 miles in the day.

so weekly total 69 miles  YTD 225 miles


  1. Nice Story Brenda keep them coming!

  2. An excellent use of a rare good day. The story of the icy fall strikes fear into me.

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