Posted by: brendaintheboro | January 12, 2020

Uncertain Weather

This week , we didn’t know if we were on our head or our heels with the weather. Temperatures were as high as 14C and as low as 1C, one day after the other.

This difference is the result of air pressures and so we have had very high, if not gale force winds.

Earlier in the week, I got out in the pre-dawn hours and cycled a few miles. As I rode along, I was waking up the birds with my bright lights and they would start chirping or singing and then would settle down.


Friday resulted in mild and sunny weather , so we took a slightly longer route to get across to Cozy Coffee. We crossed Newport Bridge and then along through Billingham to Wolviston .  Turning on to Wynyard road we cycled along  and crossed Durham road to the village of Thorpe Thewles.  There is a steep descent before a less steep climb up to the village of Carlton.

Usually, we would carry on to Redmarshall but decided to turn right up to Stillington before using very minor roads to Great Stainton and then on the Brafferton where the café  is situated.

We could see a couple of cyclists already in there and had a lovely chat. It turns out we have mutual friends and one of them SC is a keen cycle tourer but he tends to head south having ridden down to Greece and other Mediterranean countries.

I don’t do heat well so we tend to always stay in cooler areas and are discussing what we will do this year. We are already committed to the Cycle Touring Festival at the late May bank holiday. I am also hoping to get away in Yorkshire for Easter.

We used the bad weather on Saturday to talk about this. I also got some sewing time in as the wind blew a hoolie and the rain lashed down

So this week 56 miles YTD 156miles



  1. Lovely photo! Think I might be doing some early (though not as early as yours) rides soon too as my husband has got to start work an hour earlier (at 6) and I’ll have to get up earlier too. Very windy weather down her at the moment, but we got in a group ride last week.

    • lovely to hear from you. I love the early mornings

  2. Good picture of the bridge. It is impressive to be up before the birds.

  3. Nice news Brenda

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