Posted by: brendaintheboro | January 5, 2020

A Great Start to the New Year

Sorry this post will have a lot of photos as we have been out cycling on 3 days since New Year.

Ride one was on New Years day and saw us riding the trunk road to Redcar in the dawn light. We rode past the works that used to be the steel works.


Then along the prom to Saltburn. The car parks were packed with cars and many people were walking in the beaches as it was sunny and not freezing cold.

There were people  in the sea – some surfing in wetsuits and others just in bathing costumes. I tried to get a photo but it was all blurry but believe me they were there.

We called in to see some friends and quite by chance her daughter who had emigrated to Australia was skyping so we had a lovely  if short chat to her.

Then it was on to Guisborough and along to Great Ayton where there had been a cross country run on so it too was packed with cars. We sat near the stream and had hot chocolate and biscuits that we brought from home.


Then it was off home via Newby and Hemlington. 40 miles

Thursday I went to my quilt group for the day and DH went riding solo

Friday, again exceeded expectations in weather so we set off again to Yarm and then up to Appleton Wiske. We had thought about Northallerton but we always seem to ride that way so we changed plans and went through Welbury and along to East Cowton before crossing the A19 bridge and along to Swainby.

The Rusty bike was doing a roaring trade by the number of bicycles on the racks but we by-passed them and went to the bus shelter and had hot chocolate and a snack there. while we were sitting in the sunshine I suggested riding up to Whorlton Castle. The road isn’t a through road so DH wasn’t too keen, but we went anyway. Its a bit of a climb but not bad with the e-bikes. The views were splendid and Roseberry Topping stood out clearly.

Being a bit nosey – I went through the gate and had a look at the other side. This had clearly been quite a place at one time.


I even ventured up a few stone stairs to take a view inside  but wouldn’t go any higher as I was afraid of slipping as there isnt a hand rail.


There were some people on the top of the ramparts too – braver and probably younger than me.P1030520

Then it was back into Swainby and across the road and up to Hutton Rudby. This route is all part of NCN65 so we followed it back to near home. 43 miles

Then Saturday dawned a bit chillier and I wanted to complete 100 miles. So I suggested a ride to Stockton – more fabric buying as I am busy away on another quilt. Why is it, you never have just the fabric that is perfect for your project.

Anyway that is my YTD with 100 miles under my belt. Its work starting again tomorrow so I wont get the time or I suspect the weather for that much during the coming week.



  1. I managed about 70 miles and thought that I had done well so congratulations on a good start to the year for you. The forecast does look horrible.

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