Posted by: brendaintheboro | December 15, 2019

Time flies on Wings of Lightening

That is a line of a hymn we sing. This year has flown so fast. They say that as you get older, it goes faster and faster but even talking to young people they say how quickly this year has gone. We have to make the most of every day.

As a child, I was always rushing on to the next thing and juggling activities. I had a primary school teacher, Mr Henderson, who took me aside and asked  if I knew what the phrase ” burning the candle at both ends ” meant. He explained it to me and I think I have always been the kind of person who is always on the go.

I went to see the physio about my legs and after examining me , he told me he thinks I have developed Osteo-Arthritis in my right knee and gave me a couple of exercises to do. He also arranged for me to be x-rayed and that happened on Thursday.  In the long ago days, I qualified in radiography  and so I was able to ask if I could see the images. No longer is film used, so the images were instantly available. Well, it didn’t look too bad so I am not worried -just yet.

The physio will talk to me after the holidays and form a plan of action. He was delighted when I told him I was still cycling and told me my legs are very strong – those sturdy thighs and calves can’t be a bad thing then. Onwards and upwards. Keep cycling so I will.

The early bird tickets for the Cycle Touring Festival in May, went on sale late last Sunday night  – when I was in bed. At 6.00am Monday , I saw the e-mail and  immediately got our tickets. There were only 6 of the 50 EBT left and all had sold out within 12 hours. So I have something to look forward to.

DH has almost recovered from his viral infection  and said he would come out cycling with me yesterday. The three of us set off cycling across to Yarm with the intention of going to Northallerton. However, the queue of traffic into Yarm was so long ( its a bottle neck at 9.30am) so DH and I turned off up to Aislaby without knowing where we were headed. DS1 carried on with his own ideas.


So we carried on and decided to head to Hurworth to the little café in the Methodist church. It was lovely to go in there and recognise a lady who used to be the practice manager for her GP husband and we were able to have a little catch up after 15 years.

We had a lovely scone and hot chocolate and then started for home. Another couple of cyclists  rode alongside and chatted but we decided we were going towards Darlington , while they were going the way we had come. The early part of the ride had been wet and icy rain but not heavy, but the ride home with the wind on our backs was a much warmer affair. Only 39 miles but so satisfying. We both made use of the e-assist.

So YTD  is  either 4050 miles or Komoot says  4601 plus I forgot to put it on until we got Thornaby so that should be plus another 2 but who is quibbling. I am delighted which ever way.

I have also been quilting away and enjoying the season. We awoke to snow today but it didn’t last. I do hope that I can get more cycling in. Only another 4 days of  work for me and then holidays. woohoo!!




  1. I hope that your exercises work. I have an almost religious belief in the efficacy of exercise when it comes to dealing with arthritis.

    • exercise and eating right is the way to go I believe. no point in cutting back over the holidays though – just more cycling I hope.

      • Good luck with that.

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