Posted by: brendaintheboro | December 8, 2019

Confusion over Mileage

Its a funny title , but this is what I have this week.

I decided that in order to reach my goal I needed to ride 47 miles during the week. DH is still down with a virus and I have been busy working on the first three days of the week. The first Thursday in the month , I attend my quilt group and I wasn’t going to cycle there , as I had 2 quilts and a bag I had made from the left over scraps to display in show and tell. I didn’t want to be lugging that lot as I wasn’t camping.

So on Friday, I decided to ride the river route and go across to Stockton to buy some backing fabric from Panicos. Carl gets some cheaper fabrics that are old stock from other places. While they might not be the most up to date , they are great for backing.

He does also have the much more expensive fabrics as well, but I don’t use those as backing fabrics. Well, the ride was windy but at least it was dry and I was on my own . Carl is good  and lets me take my bike into the back of the shop and  so I was able o have hot chocolate and a brownie before returning home. Did you know there is a café in there  too?

So on Saturday, I knew I had 30 miles more to ride and DS1 said he would accompany me. We again decided to ride to Cozy Coffee  but go a different way. So it was breezy but at least it was sunny. We headed across to Stockton and there was a Christmas market starting up. I was so pleased to see and hear this street organ playing Christmas carols.


Looking at the paintings on it and hearing the sound made me think of the Netherlands.


This is a typical Dutch sailing bargeP1030438

Typical windmill scene

Then it was off across to Elton and Long Newton before riding along the cycle track on the A66 to Sadberg. Once in the village , we had just started a descent when we came across these festively dressed sheep statues.P1030440

It was lovely to see Rosie at the coffee bus and there were a couple of other cyclists out too.

We returned a slightly different way  but came into Bishopton  from the north by using a minor road.

So by the time we got home , we had competed 39 miles and I was thinking as I had 58 miles for the week , I was just over the 4000 mile goal. DS1 said to check it on the Komoot app and I got a big surprise. . According to the app I have cycled 203 times for a total of 435 hrs and 9 minutes  , totalling 4564 miles with an elevation of 142125ft. Somehow I must have made a mistake in my adding up. So I have reached my goal whichever way you look at it. woohoo!!


  1. woohoo!! indeed. Congratulations.

  2. My figures never agree with Strava’s either!

    • the funny thing is – my moniter shows a slightly higher figure than komoot so such a difference was a very nice suprised

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