Posted by: brendaintheboro | December 1, 2019

Welcome Winter

Today is the first day of Winter according to some people. Well if the weather is like today that is OK by me. It’s bright but very cold . Give me blue skies over grey any day.

Cycling wise , I have managed to get out a few times. DH has come down with a virus so hasn’t been with me and had to stay at home.

On Friday, I met another blogger Tony Rees. He used to be an iron man triathlete until and accident cut that short. His blog is called The race for the Café if you want to look it up. He had just writing a blog post about e-bikes and had borrowed on to try. We saw him on one side of the water and as we came under a bridge he took a photo.


That’s when we stopped to have a chat and he told us that an e-bike will be in his future but not yet. He had borrowed one from a local shop and tried it on a known loop he was used to .   He sent me these photos which was very kind of him.


On Saturday, DS1 and I decided to have a ride over to Cozy Coffee. It was cold with frost covering the cars and house roofs but at least it was sunny as we made our way across through Teesside Park in the early morning traffic to get on to the river path and up across Stockton Market place. DS1 was going much faster than I, as I was afraid of slipping on any ice and it was difficult to make out if any was black ice.

As we were riding up to Bishopton, we saw slush on the road. I have no idea if there had been any snow but it was definitely slippery slush. Maybe as we have had so much rain, pools had frozen and then been broken up as cars had driven over it.

icy roads (2)

As you approach the village of Bishopton, there are some mounds on the left side field and we stopped to look at the sign that was erected a few months ago. When I am with DH, he doesn’t like to stop and look. He is just not as inquisitive as me. Well it turns out to be the remains of a Norman castle and not a burial mound.

On to Cozy Coffee and Rosie  (The kidney Donor) was off on a well earned weekend break. Friends of hers were running the café so we were still able to have our favourite chocolate cake and hot chocolate to drink. Then we rode on the cycle way down towards Darlington  and turned and rode along the track on the A66 to Sadberg. Here we made the decision to continue on to Middleton St George, stopping briefly at my nephew’s  house. All throughout the day , the frost never lifted and has remained so.

When we got back to the river, it was quite still and I saw this swan preening itself on the rowing club steps.

In the meantime, I have been stitching away and can show you the quilt top that needs to be layered up and quilted. I cannot see this happening before Christmas.


Mileage for the week 68miles YTD 3953miles – I don’t want to jinx myself by hoping I reach my goal of 4000miles  by next weekend.


  1. I like the design for the quilt. You are much braver than me if you are cycling when there is any threat of ice on the roads. I am too old to fall off again.

  2. You just keep getting out there don’t you! Nice to see the pics of you both. I didn’t have a mileage in mind for this year but am pleased to say I’ve done half of your goal – just over 2000.

    • well done Lizzie. Its great that you keep cycling too and I like that yu have a group to go out with

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