Posted by: brendaintheboro | November 24, 2019

Some Dryish Weather

First I will share photos of the cardigan I knitted recently from another Norwegian language pattern. All of the Norwegian “kofte” seem to have names that  they are traditionally known by.  This one is the Solakofte and I knitted it using  merino and some left over 4 ply yarn that knits up in a similar tension. The merino was a bargain at £1 a 50 gm ball as the shop was selling off before moving location. I bought 12 navy, 2 coral and one blue. There is still some left so I will be knitting something else with plenty of remnants.


Now to the cycling.  I made use of whenever we had a bit of dry weather and  I wasn’t working. This meant it was on a couple of afternoons getting back in the gathering gloom. Unfortunately, even though it wasn’t raining , it was very dark grey overcast and  the sun drops below the horizon before 4.00pm. I looked up that sunset gets a minute earlier each day.

On Friday , rain ceased by 11am so we checked the forecast and the coast looked to be the driest option so we set off and road up through Normanby and Eston and along past Kirkleatham to Marske. I called into a bakery and bought some cheese scones to eat after we had ridden along to Redcar. The views were a bit murky but I could see  Huntcliffe near Saltburn in a southerly direction.


Looking north the wind turbines were just visible to the camera.


Then we sat in a shelter and were visited by some birds. I think they are young starlings could am probably wrong. Please enlighten me if I am .



We had taken a flask and had the scones with hot Oxo so warming on a cold day. Then it was off back home to some quilting. By the time we got home  I had 64 miles on the monitor for the week. Saturday morning had hammering down rain but I wanted to get 70 miles in. The Met Office forecast  said there would be a break in the weather at lunchtime giving us an hour’s window of dry if overcast weather. We had a  short ride along the river and called in to a supermarket to pick up some items we cannot buy in the budget places. As we rode the final half mile home , the rain returned but I had completed 72 miles for the week. getting nearer to my yearly goal. 3885miles.




  1. Those certainly were starlings. The knitting is very fine and so is your mileage.

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