Posted by: brendaintheboro | November 18, 2019

Rain , rain go away.

Another very rainy week and I only got out cycling once  – a measly 15 miles . On the days when I could have got out to ride, there was heavy rain. I do feel so sorry for those further south who are still in flooded conditions, When the Prime Minister did turn up , some were so angry they turned him away . I thought it was a bit of a publicity stunt on his part.

My son went down to Whitby and took this photo that I thought I would share with you. Its looking through the whalebone arch across to the abbey. One of Whitby’s claim to fame is the whaling that went on here in the last century. You will also recall the original Dracula book was set here.


Anyway, I got on  and finished up another cardigan or as the Norwegians call such garments kofte. . There that’s a word in another language for you. I haven’t photographed it yet as the light isnt good,

I have also finished another quilt as a Christmas gift but cannot share it at present. There is another under the sewing machine needle at present. I am also adding the borders on the block of the month I have also been working on since January. At this rate , if the rain persists , I will actually finish it  before January 2020.

So mileage for the year so far is 3813 miles.


  1. Not a lot of cycling at this end of the country either, due at least in part to the rain. Although on the two days when I had to go out on the bike it thankfully stayed dry.

    • good to here you are still getting out , haven’t seen any posts from you recently

  2. You seem to have been putting the rainy days to good use so perhaps we can say that every cloud has a silver lining….though perhaps not when you only get one cycle in a week.

  3. l’m also feeling your pain. When the weather turns bad, its a disheartening shift to only pedal once a week.

  4. its freezing now- in some ways that isnt as bad because at least you can wrap up. do hope to get out later when I have finished work for the day – enjoy your coffee

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