Posted by: brendaintheboro | November 3, 2019

Wet and Dry

It’s been a week where we didn’t really know what the weather was  going to do, although the Met office forecast was reasonably accurate  – most of the time.

I only got 2 rides in this week. The first   time was on a quiet work morning and the sun was out although there was still frost on the ground. We headed north through Billingham and then across to Cowpen Bewley  where the trees on the green looked splendid. We couldn’t hang about though because 1. it was cold and 2. I had to get back for work.


We got a lovely view of the Transporter Bridge across the fields



Friday was awful. I don’t think it stopped lashing down rain until about 4.00pm and as the sun goes down at 5.00pm , it doesn’t give me much time to ride in the light. Added to that there is all the school and work returning traffic making the roads busy and the paths are mudbaths.

On Friday night DS1 and I drove up to Gateshead to the Alpkit store who were hosting a talk by Rich and his son Tom who cycled the Tour divide in the US. This is a route that is predominantly off road  starting in Banff , Canada and riding along the watershed of the US to the Mexican border. Tom is 14 and so the ride had to be accomplished in his school summer holiday. While I wouldn’t want to ride it, what an achievement for this lad. When asked if they would do it again, Rich , the dad said NO!.  They were really pushed on time and couldn’t stop to see things – in fact they only once had a brief  stop to look at a natural arch and that was the extent of the sight seeing. Tom is already talking about the Scottish 500 in Northern Scotland for which he has gained an entry even though he is still very young. An inspiration.


This is one of their photos . They carried the bare minimum of gear and no cooking gear at all.

Another inspiration was going over to Cozy Coffee to see Rosie who has re-opened to sell her delicious cakes and scones.  Last weekend was the first time she has been opened since about mid August. Her husband Stu was in need of a kidney transplant but a suitable donor hadn’t been available so Rosie asked if they would check her for compatibility. The medics were very sceptical but were blown away when she was a match and after much counselling they  agreed to do the op. Stu told us that as soon as he woke up , he could feel he was a different person and was soon able to do much more than he has been able to do. Rosie took longer to recover but looks good now.


Over the winter opening hours will be on only Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10am until 3pm ad they are not working in January or  February.


This week I rode 57 miles and YTD is 3757miles.




  1. Your yearly total is mounting up very well. I liked the transporter bridge photo.

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