Posted by: brendaintheboro | October 20, 2019

Shortening Days

The mornings are so dark now, that it puts me off going out very early and so I have only had 3 rides out this week amounting to 49 miles. It hasn’t only been the shortening days but fitting in the rides when it hasn’t been raining as well.

It has been lovely to see the changing colours though. These were in the local park and showed up well against the leaden sky.

P1030360 (2)


So this tree had beautiful lemon/ green leaves and hasn’t lost them yet.

When riding along the riverside, these shrubs also looked stunning.


The red/orange flame colour looked in stark contrast to the industry across the river


It was also interesting to see this long line of toadstools, one the size of a dinner plate although well nibbled by something.



The darker evenings have given me the time and inclination to sew and knit. I showed you some last week and thought I would share one of my favourite new books.


Christina has classes on Bluprint so you can also see her in action.

I have made 3 baskets from fabric to use up some scraps and also to provide a little bit of organisation instead of having stuff spread across my table.

I like the dense quilting on this one.P1030368

I have also been knitting  and working on sleeves , two at a time on a single circular needle. I am used to doing socks this way but not sleeves.

DH had a long ride on Thursday setting off in the dark at 4.00am. Yes he is mad!! He rode up through Helmsly and down to York. He told me it was dark and foggy and his eyes played tricks thinking the trees had eyes. He then rode home in lovely autumn weather. The trouble is he doesn’t like to stop to eat and drink or take photos so I cannot share anything from him. He rode 113miles and was home just after 2.00pm.

So this week for me 49miles and YTD 3606 miles.


  1. 113 miles at this time of year is very impressive.

  2. Lovely baskets Brenda.

    • thank you its a great way to use up remnant fabrics.

  3. I’m a bit late commenting on this post! I love those baskets – they look as if they stand up really well.

    • Hi Lizzie – I used Bosal foam interlining for the baskets – really is good stuff to use and does help them stand up well

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