Posted by: brendaintheboro | October 13, 2019

Three reasonable rides

The weather has been so mixed this week  and some days you cannot believe the difference between morning and afternoon. So we managed to get out on three occasions and i have used some of the time to stitch away.

Thursday was a sunny morning and I found myself without any appointments for my work so I asked DH if he was free for a ride. He was and so we set off along the river and through Stockton to call at Panico’s were I did the workshop with Abbie Ann last Saturday. I had managed to get it finished – well I might add some beads ( when I find where I have put them). I wanted to show Carl who runs the shop. I am pleased to have learned a new technique.

There is a lot of road repair going on and so we had to make a diversion but got our way to Preston Park and home. Just as we got in, the rain started, so we were lucky.

Friday morning, the rain was belting down and we didn’t think it would stop but at noon, miraculously,  it stopped. So I suggested a ride to East Cowton. The Lovely Linda has her pop-up café on a Friday afternoon between 2-4 pm. It was into a headwind but the e-bikes are so helpful in this respect. I am making full use of the different assistance modes so as not to aggravate my legs and its helping.

I really should remember to photograph the cake but am always too anxious to eat them. We had a large slice of Chocolate Orange Cake and half a slice of Salted Caramel cake each.

Riding back through the heavy teatime traffic in Yarm, we turned off the High Street and rode passed our friend CJ’s house. Fortunately, she was out picking home-grown   veggies with her grandson, so we were able to stop and chat. She hadn’t gone out cycling with her ladies group as it was so wet in the morning.  The days are getting short now so we took the shortest way home.

Saturday, was a beautiful day – in the morning. We decided to ride across to Picton where one of my quilting friends lives. I had accidently printed off more instructions for a quilt I will be working on sometime, so decided to share.

As we rode across to Preston Park , I was able to photograph all these sculls and rowing boats heading up river. I stopped to ask and Tees Rowing club had a race back down river to the club house.


J lives on a farm and as we rode up the track we noticed that the field was flooded  and there were swans and geese on the newly formed “lake”. J said she had been watching them through binoculars and there are 6 swans and 25 Canada geese.



It doesn’t bode well for the crops. In well over 50 years,  M the farmer has never lost a crop until last year and next year’s crop of oilseed rape is starting to fail due to the weather and also a mite that is blighting the oilseed rape crops throughout the country. Apparently , the only chemical that works against them has had to be withdrawn.

We rode home via Hutton Rudby , Hilton and Coulby Newham and all the time we could see dark clouds building from the north.  Just as we got to our home, the first splashes started to fall and we got inside before the rain came down in earnest.

I have also been working on my free machining (FMQ)  skills with this little piece. Sorry the photos don’t show up too well, but I hope you can see the different patterns I have been playing with. For those who don’t know, FMQ is like drawing patterns by having a pen in a fixed position and moving the paper to draw a design.



This is the rear side and the thread shows up better.

So this week I got in 97 miles in the 3 rides and so YTD 3557miles











  1. You did well to find the gaps in the rain.

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