Posted by: brendaintheboro | September 29, 2019

It’s been wet.

I don’t know if you have been watching any of the World Road Cycling Championships but if you have , you will have seen the vary varied conditions from one day to the next.

I did go to see a GP about my painful legs and I have to go for blood tests but it wasn’t going to stop me doing some riding.

We also used Friday to take the bikes down to Cyclesense in Tadcaster and have them serviced. I have ridden more than 5600 miles since getting my Koga World Traveller e-bike so a new cassette and chain and new brake pads were needed.

The rain lashed down overnight on Friday until about 9.30am on Saturday morning but we decided, when the sun came out , we would risk a ride. I didn’t want to go too far and we were prepared to cut the route short at any time. I determined that Stokesley would be the destination. Ripping Yarns, a knitting wool  shop has relocated from Saltburn, so I wanted to find its new place in an industrial estate.

So we set off across to Thornaby and we were so surprised to see the car park of a local hotel had a pond where there wasn’t one previously.

thornaby CP

We carried on from there up through Ingleby Barwick and called on a friend briefly before heading up to Hilton . My legs were feeling reasonable , so I determined to turn and carry on to Hutton Rudby. A bit of lower leg pain in the area that I bruised badly back in June, but I wanted to carry on. I had looked on a map and saw we could go down Sexhow Lane and across to Carlton in Cleveland. We have never ridden down and up this road before and DS1 peeled off at this junction as he wanted to go to the Rusty Bike in Swainby.   This is what he found. Scarecrows.

We got down to the A172 and I was surprised we didn’t have far to the turn to cross the road. I thought it would be further looking at the map. So we road up into the village and were surprised to see lots of old steam vehicles, steam rollers etc. I asked the chaps with the vehicles who they were and they were from all over the north east. They were on a pub crawl from Swainby and back but at the speed these vehicles these travel , it would take all day.

chance find

steam rollers

Then it was on to Stokesley and I found the new shop place but sadly they didn’t have the circular needle I wanted.  The weather was a bit blowy but there were some lovely views across to Roseberry Topping.


Then we rode home the shortest way and clocked up 30 miles. I did have to rest up and have a bit of massage but feel reasonable.

Weekly total 37 miles YTD 3446miles


  1. I hope that they get to the bottom of your painful legs. Now that I have hub gears and belt drives on both my bikes, I won’t have to get a new cassette and chain again which will save a bit of money.

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