Posted by: brendaintheboro | September 22, 2019

Not a lot doing

I thought you would like to see a couple of photos taken by DS1.

The first is Rogie Falls in Scotland which he took while cycling in Scotland while we were on the 10p tour. Apparently, this is a great place to see salmon leaping but not on that day.

Rogie falls

He got up well before dawn and went down to take a few photos down at the coast at Saltburn on Sea.

early mornign Saltburn

As for me, I didn’t do much cycling until Friday. I have been having a lot of trouble with muscle pain in my legs and I really should go and see a GP rather than delaying. However, on Friday I decided a ride to Newton Aycliffe was on the cards. I had received a £10 voucher for the Crafters Companion store and there was no minimum spend. So we cycled across and I did make more use of the electric assist than I usually do.  Still , I got there and got myself a very nice circle cutter ruler and a couple of fat quarters. No these aren’t fat backsides, but approx. 18″x22″ pieces of fabric.

DH made a small table when he was a lad in school. It was at his mam’s for years and when she died , it came to our shed. Anyway , he decided he needed a small table for next to his seat and so he rubbed it down and painted it dark grey. I asked if he would like a mat to cover up the very uneven top surface. I was surprised when he said he had been going to ask for one. This is the result and he is well pleased.


So , we also had a short ride on Saturday, so I made the weekly mileage up to 42 and the YTD is 3409 miles



  1. Good for DS1, that is very nice picture of the Rogie Falls. I am impressed by his early rise too.

    I think you should take your own advice and go and see someone about your legs.

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