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Cycling and knitting

The few days following my last post I didn’t cycle as my legs were too sore, so I took time out to continue to care for myself. I did make a trip to the Great Northern Quilt show in Harrogate but drove there , so it doesn’t count. There were many beautiful quilts on show and a good range of traders with fabrics and gadgets. I admit I am a sucker for such things but was pretty good in not getting a lot.

I wont show photos , as I don’t have permission from the quilt owners to show them.

I started riding again on Monday, and did a few early morning rides. It is so obvious just how fast the days are shortening and we have to use lights now.

I heard about a textile exhibition on in Richmond , North Yorkshire that intrigued me and so DH and I decided we would ride there. The weather forecast was reasonable so we set out but only got to Stockton before we had to stop and put on waterproofs. There was an event being set up and it was for the Stockton City games.

We carried on in increasingly heavy rain and got a good soaking – my gloves and socks were dripping wet – but we carried on. It did stop raining and the sun came out as we neared Neasham and then we rode until the wet jackets dried out.  At Hurworth , we stripped off and it isnt too far between the villages , so it was a good drying day. It did take longer for the gloves and socks though  to dry.

The river was high and running fast but looked so beautiful.

From Hurworth, we crossed the river at Croft and then along through Newton Morell and on to Barton, passing the Truck Stop with its numerous large vehicles passing us safely, and on up to Melsonby. I have never ridden that way into the village before, even when driving.

After Melsonby, the route takes you across the very busy A66 and there is a proper crossing but it isnt well sign posted but we know where the little gravel road is that leads to it. We waited for a short break in the hurtling traffic to get to the central reservation before crossing to the other side. A couple with a large dog, congratulated us on the safe passage and said that it is a difficult one. We had a nice chat with them as they are staying in a caravan club small site nearby. They had been up in Northumberland and it had  rained some part of every day and they had come south hoping for better weather.

Then we swooped down into Gilling West and then climbed up to Richmond  before a descent , across the river and on to the Station.

This would have been a train station years ago but has been turned into a nice café, events centre and art gallery.

I had come to see these framed art embroideries based on tattoos. Now , I have to say I personally do not like tattoos , but I was interested in how they had been stitched. If you click on the link you will be able to see, but there was a sign saying not to photograph which I understand. I thought they were quite beautiful and at prices between £80 and £300 pounds did not reflect the hours of hand stitching that went into them. However, sewing and stitching are not a recognised art form in this country. If they were painted, they would probably command greater prices. Have a look and well done Julie Wilkerson.

It was a day for exploring and the rain was kept off, largely by the strong winds. If it wasn’t for my beautiful e-bike Bluebell, I wouldn’t have managed.  We were going to climb the hill back up , but saw a cycle track sign to Easby. I recall seeing a sign to Easby Abbey on a previous occasion and it was flat so we took that option. It didn’t disappoint. We went along through woodland on a wide avenue and then came out to climb up to Easby.

It is also noticeable how autumn is waiting to come in and the rowan berries are starting to be past their best.


Earlier in the week, DS1 had been out with the  local Cycling UK  group and he told me  about St Mary’s church in Bolton on Swale. I had programmed this into Komoot but we got taken up a lane that led to a nature reserve. We could see the church so doubled back and found a bridle way to get there. The bikes handle well even on rough off road stuff, better than our wrists do I can tell you.

At the church, which is open, you can boil a kettle and make yourself a drink or get a can from a small fridge. They ask for small donation to help with funds and the toilets are also open so its a useful little bit of knowledge to have , if in the area. We alos made a call into the village hall in East Cowton but it was about 3.30pm and so all the chocolate cake had been sold. Still Lovely Linda had some scrummy ginger cake for us.

We didn’t get home until nearly 6.00pm having covered over 65miles.

Saturday, saw us out again to ride to Redcar. Our friend Pip has a new cargo e-bike  so that he can take his wife on the back. She suffered a brain aneurysm  a few years back which has left her with limited sight so cannot ride anymore, nor drive her car.  She told me that the seat is a bit too hard but there is a new cushion on order. Pip is a very large man (6’7″) so can use this really well.

Being called a Radwagon , I thought it would be German but not so, its American and can only be ordered on-line.

The sea was rough but visibility was good.



there are lots of wild flowers blooming .


So it was a lovely week cycling 107 miles in total so YTD is 3171miles.

As for the knitting, I have finished the cardigan from my Norwegian pattern book and I an really pleased with how it has turned out. The colours were influenced by the lovely lupins I saw in Norway on our summer trip.


The lupins were all shades of blues and purples and pinks. The cardigan is grey with shades of pink and green.


  1. I had to laugh at your title. Pictured you knitting while you are cycling. You seem to have more adverts than usual.

    • I usually take some sock knitting on cycle camping trips . Now if I was on the back of a tandem, I could probably knit as I cycled. Sorry about the adverts, because I don’t pay for the use of the site, they get inserted but I never see them. On other people’s I just ignore them.

  2. I liked the cardigan a lot. I must say that you are very enterprising in your cycling travels and I take my hat off to you once again. I am sorry not to have seen any pictures of quilts as I always enjoy good quilting.

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