Posted by: brendaintheboro | August 18, 2019

Resting up – well almost

I have been having a bit of trouble in my knee. Its an old injury , sustained while coming down Park Rash on a  Dahon folder, pulling a trailer full of camping gear. This is the bike and trailer a couple of years ago.WP_20150801_09_16_51_Pro


The road had been newly surfaced with tarmac and in the wet , it was so slick that the trailer was jack-knifing. I had to get off and walk down and that’s how I got the injury.

Then we had put in over 900 miles on our recent trip and the knee problem was exacerbated. When out  last weekend, I pulled a muscle in the calf of the other leg so I took anti -inflammatory tablets until yesterday. I wasn’t feeling too bad so decided to risk a ride.

DS1 planned a route to a little café he knows and uses when the Cycling UK Teesside group go out . So I was willing to try the route , knowing I have spare battery and didn’t have to push myself. Well, I am pleased to report , I managed the 39miles without a problem and in fact the  muscle pull is now so much better. Here’s hoping I don’t jinx myself.

We went across to Neasham  via Yarm, Kirklevington and Girsby to visit the Mustard Tree which is a café in the local Methodist church. I have to say they make a nice fruit scone and lovely hot chocolate.

The weather was sunny and warmish  but the strong wind took the edge off the sun. Still , who are we to complain. On the return journey, we had a following wind so I had to stop to take a long sleeved top off as  I was beginning to overheat.

When we came back , we went along through Middleton St George and across the runabout with  the A67 . This road has long been blocked off except to cyclists and we had a lovely chance encounter.

This petrol driven bicycle is 55 years old and one of the ladies remembered riding one just like it in the South of France when she was a girl. They had chosen this traffic free path for her to try and ride it. After some chat we carried on through Elton and home.


The motor and petrol tank are on the front and apparently, it will go 100 miles on that tiny tank of fuel.


On the other side was a spare fuel can!!

The old and new alongside each other. The e-bike is heavy but the old one I couldn’t even lift at all.


So only 39 miles but so good to be on the bike. YTD3064 miles.

if all goes well, we will have a short trip next weekend. Lets hope for OK weather.


  1. My oldest sister had a rotary petrol motor that fitted on the wheel of her bike in the fifties.

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