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Summer Adventure 2019 Part 3

Monday 24th June 2019

The day dawned bright and sunny despite the weather forecast and the three of us were on the road at 9.00am after a super breakfast. Kj had decided to accompany us up the lake until we got safely over the bridge. Local knowledge is always an advantage and he took us onto ways we hadn’t seen. Then we had to join the main road from a crossing point with a barrier.

The traffic was busy but they gave us room but the way was a bit convoluted and I was pleased when we got to the bridge to cross to Moelv with a lovely marina. However , we pressed on to church at Ringsaker which is being renovated. We had a bite to eat before Kj returned homeward and we followed route 213 which was very quiet and travelled down through Jolstad, Gaupen and Stavsjo where we bought some supplies. After a fairly strenuous ascent , we had a nice downhill run. So much for being told that it was flat – Norwegian Flat heehee!


At Tingnes, we crossed the bridge onto Helgoya island. It has a big hump on it and is single file but we found that the traffic lights just did not work for cyclists. So we took the chance to cross and were successful. We stopped in the sunshine after crossing to eat and then rode around the perimeter of the island before crossing back over for ice lollies.

We rode up the east side of the peninsula with its many hills and pressed on until just before the bridge across to Brummendal. There was a campsite here and it was very nice, if expensive as is all of Norway.

There was a Dutch man who arrived in his car and when he got out, took out his wheelchair and began to pitch his tent from it.  We were amazed and gave him a cheer. He was hoping to drive all the way up to Nordkapp in the arctic circle. Well done to him.

Tuesday 25th June

The weather could not have been more different – rain persisted all day. Still we just got on with it. We crossed into major road building works just outside Brummendal. There was a way through for cycles but no signage on very rocky/ gravely surfaces which reduced me to walking at one stage. The way seemed to go up every hill and dale and we were glad to get into Hamar further down the lake. Again signage wasn’t too good but we had the map fortunately and at Stange church we stopped for 2nd breakfast .

At Tangen, the route 7 took us off road  and onto gravel  roads through forests – at least we were off the roads , some like motorways.  Still the rain persisted and eventually we came to a combined bus shelter/bin storage area where we again stopped to eat – at least it was out of the rain. We weren’t too far from Minnesund but I was really hungry .

The rain came down heavier, as we came into Langset and nearly missed the turning to the campsite. I have to say Storenga Camping was not very good. There was no reception and you just had to pay by card . The electric hook up  was ancient and you could see that some of them had blown. A German couple in a motorhome were similarly horrified by this. We used the onsite kitchen to charge our batteries but as it was not well equipped we cooked in the tent.  It was even more expensive than the previous site so I cannot recommend it.

Wednesday 26th June 2019

The sun was shining when I got up to go to the loo and when I came back about 5.30am DH was packing everything away. Kj had warned us not to use the marked cycle route but to use the road. The Komoot app was really good at getting us across the ‘old’ bridge into  the industrial area of Minnesund and then on to road 33. This was a well surfaced road for most of the way and then route was much flatter and not as strenuous. After Feining  there were large cracks in the road  but we could avoid most of them  but it was good we didn’t have slim road tyres.


We found a lovely picnic site – I wasn’t sure if it was a private place but no-one turned us away.  We sat overlooking the lake as we ate 2nd breakfast and then off again we came across a single lane. There had been a landslip closing the other lane. There were no traffic lights but drivers were very courteous with us and each other taking turns to pass the obstruction. Not long after , we came to a tunnel  which drivers paid 34K  – just over £3 to use. They couldn’t use the old road but we could.

Not long after we met Kj and cycled into Skreia were we picnicked on G’s home made bolle. Then it was on to Bilitt for ice cream as it was so hot.


I have to say that even though he is 77yo , KJ is a cycling machine and its a good job I had plenty of battery power to keep up on roads or tracks, The car and lorry drivers were always considerate

Thursday 27th June 2019

We had a lovely surprise awaiting today. Kj had booked for us to have breakfast and a boat trip on the steam paddle boat Skibladner. It was fantastic. I don’t think I will ever forget it.  The ship’s steward greeted us and  escorted us to the stern where the semi-circular table was beautifully set with porcelain china and lovely glasses. A typical Norwegian  breakfast was served by a lovely young waitress and we felt like royalty.


The history of the ship is very interesting as it was built in about 1865 – I cannot remember the exact date – and then at the beginning of WW2, the Norwegians scuttled it so the Germans couldnt take it.  Then after the war, they brought it up and it has been beautifully restored. Kj’s grandfather used to use the ship to come up to the family farm every year.

We passed beneath the same bridge we had ridden over a couple of days before  as we rode to Helgoya on the way to and from Hamar. It was a great day.


Friday 28th June 2019

Thus was not a cycling day and we spent time with family. I have to say that their grand-daughter who is 9, has a great command of English. I talked to her dad and he told me that since our visit in November, she has never been off the computer learning English. It seems she now had a reason to speak English. Its great to know we had inspired her.

Saturday 29th June 2019

We were asked to help a young Syrian refugee, who wanted to buy a cheap e-bike. Kj  felt out of his depth and needed our back-up as he knew  it would be a mistake  to buy cheaply. Fortunately, we were able to help and persuaded him to wait and buy in the sales when he will get a better deal.

We  also had an evening session comparing roll mats and we showed Kj our Exped inflation bag which is a great help. I do hope he can get some help so he can camp again.

Sunday 30th June 2019

Our last day with our friends, was spent going up to Lelystad and seeing the Olympic ski-jumping place. I was amazed that they still ski jump in the summer. Wow!!






  1. The paddle steamer was a nice bonus.

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