Posted by: brendaintheboro | June 9, 2019

Prep for summer adventure

Its been a very busy week and not too much cycling.

I finally managed to get the tickets booked for the intermediate stage of our journey .I had tried to book trains on line without success. Last Sunday I managed to get through on the phone   with Deutsch Bahn and a nice young man booked the series of trains we will need plus bikes with international tickets. He said the tickets would be in the post on Monday 1st class with Royal Mail and they were delivered on Tuesday.

So this week we set off. We are getting the train to Sunderland (weather forecast  looks awful) and we will ride up and across the Shields ferry to the DFDS port near North Shields. I have to say they were very efficient when I made that booking way back in January. They have a note of my voice sensitivity problem and we will be eating first being kept away from as many people as possible.

So after arrival in Imjuiden, we will cycle to the central railway station and catch the first of the trains. This will take us to Oberhausen where we change trains and go to Hamburg. We have bicycle reservations on both these trains. At Hamburg , we catch a local train to Flensburg but this is a local train with no cycle reservation but we aren’t worried as it will be later in the evening.

The arrival at Flensburg will be just before midnight and so we intend to ride the night – not something I have done before but a lot of the route is on cycle path . We will take a few days to get up to Frederikshavn where the ferry goes to Oslo. Stena line were also very efficient at helping on the phone. I could book on line but queried the price. I thought that the flex ticket price would be more expensive than economy but the very nice young man who took my telephone call explained that it was because we were booking with bicycles that the flex ticket was less expensive.

Now one thing I will say, travelling over land is not cheap. We could have used a budget airline and made 2 return trips for us both at a similar cost but wanting to take the e-bikes comes at a cost. Neither of the airlines flying to Norway , will allow transporting e-bikes , even without the batteries.

So we have about a 100miles of travel in Norway to get to be with out friends . We aren’t certain yet how much cycling we will do there , as it depends if Kj’s back is OK. He has had a few problems of late. We aren’t worried though.

This week I have packed and re-packed the panniers as we cannot take the trailer on the trains. We could try but don’t fancy the hassle when being told we cannot do it. We have had a practice ride with the full load – and it is full – even with tiny table and chairs both superbly made by Helinox. We have had them a good few years now. I don’t think I will be updating the blog until we return in mid- July. My friends on FaceBook should be able to follow as I will try to update as we go.

practice pack

In addition , life goes on and I have been working even more than usual in order to see all my patients and look after them before I go off.

Cycled this week 33 miles      YTD1933miles


  1. Those are certainly two pretty well packed bikes. Good luck and bon voyage.

  2. Your organizing skills are amazing. Have a wonderful holiday.

    • Thanks ilona. I am sure we will. Take care on your summer ramblings

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