Posted by: brendaintheboro | May 19, 2019

Cycling Joy

It has been a lovey week with the weather and early morning sunshine and for most of the days I managed to get in some riding – even if only locally.

Monday was DH’s 68th birthday ( he’s caught me up again) and he went off for his birthday ride .Normally , he would be up and away by 4am but last Monday he wasn’t . He was tired!! So when I went off at 6.00am he came along the river with me and then at the Infinity bridge he took off on his own. He didn’t have a clear idea where he was going but phoned just after 10.00am to say he was in Asenby near Topcliffe, so I was fairly sure it was a ride to York and sure enough at 12 noon he rand to say he was in Rowntree park in York. Later in the day DS1 and I rode out to meet the returner after I had finished work.

On Tuesday, I saw these lovely goslings and the proud parents on the lake in Albert Park. I only just discovered it is named after Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s consort.


On Thursday , DS1 took a train with his bike up to Newcastle and rode out to meet some CTC buddies who were cycling the Coast to Coast and then when DH had finished his ministering for the morning, he rode out to meet DS1 who was determined to ride all the way home. The menfolk in my home have put in some mileage this week,

Friday saw DH and I ride north up through Hurworth burn and off to Wingate on roads I haven’t been on for years. The places have changed from little mining villages  into villages with larger housing developments. The weather wasn’t too bad but cool and over cast. Coming back we decided that we would stop in Trimdon churchyard and have a sandwich before riding to Cozy Coffee where we got a lovey welcome and chocolate cake from the delightful Rosie who seems to know all her customers regular orders.

Saturday was just a short rainy ride up to Stockton and we kept off the river side path as there was a rowing event on. I took this from the barrage with the infinity bridge upriver. I heard the announcer telling one of the teams they were in the wrong lane. That would be so like me.


DH cleaned and oiled the bikes  and then in the drier afternoon we rode another 5 miles so that DH could make his mileage up to 300miles for the week. Me? 123miles but I am not complaining.  We also heard from C from last week that he had got back to Scotland and appreciated our guiding work through the Teesside area.

Total YTD 1766miles


  1. 300 miles for the week is impressive. If i could do that in a month just now, you would hear my cheer across the nation.

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