Posted by: brendaintheboro | May 5, 2019

“The best laid plans……”

We had plans to be away cycle camping this weekend but it hasn’t happened.

Go back to last Tuesday, I was starting to get my things together and bent down to pull my panniers out of the under stairs cupboard in out 110 year old house. I struggled and instead of asking for help, I ricked my back. At first , it wasn’t too bad but it just got worse and I couldn’t even sleep in bed.

I am nothing, if not persistent and managed to work the next day, all be it having to be driven to attend to my patients -yes I am a bit bonkers. Still, I asked for a blessing and used plenty of ice packing and by Friday I was much improved.  I even ventured a short 15 miles ride without pain.

The weather hasn’t been too good and so I view this as a blessing in disguise. We looked at the forecast and decided to drive down to Riccall with our bikes on the back of the car. This is anathema to DH but it was the way to go. Those who  having been following for a while, will remember I tried and failed to get to Goole as I had misread the map.

So we left the cars at the campsite , we were going to and got ourselves on the track down to Barlby where we were able to show DS1 a way across the A19, on a foot/cycle bridge and rode along through Osgodby and towards North Duffield but turned right and down to Cliffe. Then we crossed the main road and along to Hemmingborough, There is a large church in this small village and then to an off-road track to Barmby on the Marsh.

Here there is a tidal barrage which helps to regulate the flow of water into the River Ouse from the Derwent, to help prevent flooding.

There is a picnic area here and also toilet facilities so useful to know about. We stopped and had breakfast that we had brought with us. It was cold and windy but we managed to get out of the worst of the wind.

Then we carried along thought the village and along through the flat lands to Knedlington . Mostly we had the wind on our backs here so sped along and then turned south on a minor road before getting on to a cycle track all the way into Goole.

Our mission was to get to the Yorkshire Waterways museum and I am so glad we got there because it is closing permanently on 15th May 2019. Such a shame.  I had e-mailed in advance and they let us lock our bikes away inside the building which was lovely of them.

The café provided hot chocolate and cake!! Later on , the lady also was providing meals as the café filled up at lunchtime.

It was interesting to look around and see the first type of boat used on the water. It did have a willow man to paddle it though.


These were made out of willow making the frame and covered in cow hide and paddled with one paddle not two pars as shown here.

There was also a display on types of building. I was brought up knowing about clinker built boats – these had overlapping wooden planks , however, I learned of another type called carvel in which the boards where linked directly one on top of the other. You are never too old to learn.


Another gallery showed some other type of art works with this lovely sculpture inspired by a ships figurehead.


There were other exhibits about life on the waterways and canals showing how they lived in small cabins and artwork that was on the working boats where whole families.


We met a very interesting man who was a retired firefighter and now is a freelance local press photographer and we spent time chatting. I realise just what a knowledge DS1 has of technology and cameras/lenses. It went over my head. Sean  told us about another museum in the town above the library , which I also got to visit. There  was some interesting  artwork here by a Victorian “Pierhead Painter” Reuben Chappell who was from Goole. He painted the ships who came into the most inland port in Britain. I was interested in the paintings and there is a town trail that has them on display but we didn’t have time to go around them all. I did like this one and was intrigued by how the paint is cracking. Maybe an inspiration for some of my textile work.


There was also some embroidery work on display that held my attention.  This was worked by local people who were interpreting an old map that is 600 years old rather like the Bayeux tapestry but much smaller in scale.

As the other two were waiting outside , I couldn’t take too much time  though.



Then it was back into the wind following back largely the same way we had come. We crossed the Boothferry Bridge.  There was a fabulous photo of the  Tour de Yorkshire Boothferry Bridge 2019 which showed the riders coming over in pouring rain led by a dark skinned rider in white while the others are light skinned in black clothing. Its a stunning photo. It was shown on TV the other day.

The M62 also crossed the river high up in the air.



Back at Barmby on the Marsh , we again stopped and a storm blew through briefly with tremendous wind gusts and hail and rain so we put on  wet weather clothing. There is a  Millenium national  cycle sign  here and I didn’t get a good photo of it. Missed the star off the top.



We did follow on through to Selby and then battled the wind back to Riccall. I was so glad that we had the e-assist as head winds were gusting at 40mph.

So this week 63 miles ridden and YTD 1517 miles


  1. You have cycled where I have walked. Well done on the mileage.

    • I know Ilona, we were just saying we werent too far from where you live,

  2. Not much fun cycling into 40 mph gusts.

  3. Brenda you are doggedly persistent, I will give you that. I’m so glad you managed to go on this trip to Goole. Your description and photos made me feel part of the trip. I was especially interested in the old boat building technology – ingenious.

    • there were too many things to put on the blog, but I am so pleased to have actually got there before it is all broken up. Apparently , the museum is being liquidated and they think some of the items will be sold off.

      • Oh no! That’s a shame.

      • I know and probably wont stay in the UK

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