Posted by: brendaintheboro | April 28, 2019

Storm Hannah

Up North, we have been luckier than those further south and west of us. Back at work, we didn’t get as many miles in this week, but Friday, while very windy, was at least sunny and dry but not too warm.

We weren’t too sure where to ride , so decided as the wind was from the south we would head out in that direction. So the first village we headed for was Gt Ayton which like so many other places has gas works digging up the roads.

We turned down to Little Ayton and then to Easby where we turned off to ride towards Ingleby Greenhow and the towards Chop Gate ( pronounced Chop Yat in Yorkshire).  There is a climb about 800ft here up to the Clay bank car park  but because of the e-bikes , it makes it so much easier for me.


In the distance , is Roseberry Topping.


There were a lot of pheasants  bobbing about and they werent the least bit wary.

Then it was directly down again into the wind. To be honest, it was a bit scary as the wind was blustering and I had to cycle downhill. Once down into Chop Gate, we turned up towards Lord Stone’s, and it was delightful riding along amid the fields full of new lambs and verges full of golden dandelions.

We reached the top at just over 900ft and were going to go into the café but the surface has been re-laid with gravel and as we couldn’t even see the café decided not to bother. It has been expanded and now says it has a restaurant and camping site. Good views across to Teesside though. The descent is fast – 600ft in 2 miles – but with the wind behind us it wasn’t so scary.


The countryside is like a patchwork quilt with patches of green and yellow  everywhere at present.

We rode into Stokesley and stopped to rest there. We chatted to a chap we have met there before and he was asking if we were doing a long distance route this time. We told him about last weekend’s trip. He was knocked off his bike and it has made him wary of ever riding again.

We also met a couple who had cycled along from Gt Ayton but were surprised at the strength of the wind and decided that after their lunch, they were just heading home. We only had about 10 miles to home which with a following wind had us home in no time.

This week 73 miles and YTD 1454miles


  1. A good route choice always has the wind blowing you home.

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