Posted by: brendaintheboro | March 24, 2019

March winds

and April showers bring forth May flowers. Well, we have had lots of wind again this week and it looks like there is more to come next week. Still we were able to cycle a few miles this week. The shortest ride was 7 miles but then we got in more.

It is amazing to see how all the spring flowers are blooming all over. I noticed a beautiful magnolia in a nearby garden that we pass on our morning rides most days.


I do not work on Fridays now and so as it wasn’t raining we planned to have a long ride. Alas the winds were too fierce and into a headwind , it wasn’t a joy. So at Hutton Rudby, we decided to turn and let the wind give us assistance. There is a small road that runs along to Seamer. We had discussed that the council had removed a memorial bench just that morning so imagine our surprised when low and behold there is a  new one there. There is no plaque on it and only one of the planter boxes is there but its a nice place to sit and rest or picnic.

We didn’t see anyone around, so couldn’t find out why there is a new one there.


We enjoyed  the decent down towards Stokesley and used the facilities in the market place. We had an interesting conversation with a men about our age and he had also been a keen kayaker in his younger days.  We did chill off a bit  so needed to get back on the road. We went along the back track passing the old pack horse bridge and then along to Great Ayton before heading home through old Nunthorpe village.




So that was only a little under 30 miles.

Saturday saw a better day but unfortunately , we had a funeral to attend early in the day.  So we didn’t get away from home until after 11.00am.  The wind forecast wasn’t as bad as Friday, but the Met Office was mistaken. We decided just to ride across to Cozy Coffee near Brafferton and most of it was into a headwind once again.  What a slog!! but we got there and all I could think about was fish finger sandwiches. We never eat them but I knew that Rosie has them on the menu. That’s just what I had and then had cake too – greedy me.


We came back down to Darlington and fairly flew home with the wind behind us.

So the week’s total was 114 miles and I was happy about that. YTD 771miles



  1. A pity about the strong winds but well done for getting the miles in anyway.

  2. I do love it when I find a bench just when I need to stop and rest. Very thoughtful of people to pay for memorial benches. My sister and hubby go to Stokesley a lot with the caravan, I have been to visit her a couple of times. It looks a nice place but all I have seen is the caravan park, and the pub where they have lunch.

    • Ilona . I still cannot get to comment on your blog. I love that you are learning to FMQ and enjoying your new sewing machine. Let me know if you are coming up and we will arrange to meet up. would love to see you again

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