Posted by: brendaintheboro | March 17, 2019

Wild weather

This past week has seen us have storm after storm sweep across the country resulting in me only cycling 16 miles in the entire week. Friday wasn’t quite so bad but I needed to drive north to buy sil-nylon ripstop at a place I had been given the name of In South Shields. This is to hopefully make up packs for others to sew their own tarps to sleep under. We still haven’t worked out all the details but I have had people asking me to do this at the Cycle Touring festival that will be held at the end of May. So one of the days I did get out was Friday afternoon , but the wind could have cut you in two.

Yesterday, the rain poured down all day and as it was International quilting day, that is what I spent the day doing. The actual quilt isnt finished yet but I can show the block I have finished for a year long project I am following on the Quilt Show, an on-line quilt “magazine” / video show.


So this weeks mileage 16 miles and YTD 657 miles




  1. That’s 16 miles more then me!

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