Posted by: brendaintheboro | March 10, 2019

Winter – round 2

Well, we knew that the fool’s spring wouldn’t last and the week came in with forecasts of wind and rain. So Monday , saw us out early for a quick 10 miles or so in the dawn light. Then rain and high winds kept me confined to barracks the other mornings but Friday looked like it would be OK and as I wasn’t working we made plans to head across to Eppelby once again.

There was  sharp frost early on and so we didn’t leave home until about 9.30 am when the sun was shining and gave us hope that it might stay fine. As there had been so much rain, there was standing water everywhere, we avoided cycle tracks that would be like mud baths. We rode over to Darlington, via Sadberge into a strong headwind but due to our e-bikes , it wasn’t a problem for me . DH didn’t switch his assist on.  Once in Sadberge I called into the Village Hall and used the facilities before once again riding on the path. When we got to the end of the cycle track on the A66 and we went through the underpass. I think most people are unaware of this crossing but it makes it so much easier than trying to go around the roundabout and on to the track on the opposite side of the road.

About 300-400 mts along here is the link up with the off road path we would have used and we crossed on the bridge and up through Darlington to Cockerton and then out on the B6279 towards Walworth where we turned off to Piercebridge.

This is an ancient settlement and much of the Roman architecture is buried beneath the  village green. However, there have been excavation that are open to the public and there is a seat in the grounds. We pushed the bikes through the gate and had cheese toasties and hot chocolate sat in there  , largely out of the wind. I had a wander along the track to look for the old roman bridge remains. This was a major crossing point of the river Tees and was on Dere Street which ran north from York up into Scotland. 45DF908C-1F40-48D4-AE48-587352AE5F8F_image


Me looking cold.


Here is a picture of the road bridge that is near the old Roman footings


When you ride out of the village , the road runs straight up the hill, as far as the eye can see.  Even DH switched on his assist mode as we rode into the strengthening wind up that hill and then turned off for Eppelby. I decided to head down towards Aldborough St John but to turn onto a tiny lane that we have never ridden on before. As luck would have it , a huge transporter delivering farm equipment came along behind us , so as soon as we could we pulled over to allow him to pass and he waved his thanks. I was surprised he even got along the lane as he took up all of the road.

In Forsett, we passed another ancient monument but didn’t stop ( that’s for another time) and once in Eppelby I bought scones once more and got some jam to go with them. I was a little disappointed that the daffodils hadn’t all come out but some had.

Then it was off along to Cleasby and time to don the waterproofs. We sat in the bus shelter and ate our scones and had another drink before pressing on for home. The wind got even stronger but luckily, the rain was only very light, but the waterproofs kept me warm.

Saturday morning was awful. We had rain, hail, snow and sleet but by lunchtime the sun shone brightly and so we decided a short ride to Stockton would be OK, even into the headwind.

I bought some fabric and then we road across through the Six Fields water conservation project and along to Preston Park. The object them was to go to the butcher who makes chicken and leek sausage and we picked them  up and a few other groceries before going home.

On another happy note, Andrew Sykes from the WordPress blog ran a photo competition and I was pleased to be placed 3rd  and received one of his books as a prize.


The other thing is I was asked to write a guest post on Komoot and I will post a link in a separate post.

Mileage this week 82 miles YTD 641 miles.



  1. Congratulations on winning the prize and finding a suitable day for cycling. I haven’t been out once this month.

    • that’s a shame. let’s hope it gets better soon.

  2. Very interesting post. And well done for winning the book – I’m sure you deserved it as your photos are very good. It’s good to go cycling in horrible wind sometimes as then you discover what sort of wind speeds are endurable!

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