Posted by: brendaintheboro | February 24, 2019

150 miles woohoo

We have had exceptionally mild weather this week and with the increasing daylight made it out early a few times. We were out early enough to see the almost  Supermoon on Monday. Tuesday was clouded over.


Then Friday dawned and I have given up working on Fridays now , so it was off out the door for a longer run than usual.

We looked at the map on Thursday evening, discussing possible routes and I decided to try putting a route in the Komoot app.  I did it in a number of shorter sections and it was easy to follow, especially as we were really on familiar territory.

First off it was across to Darlington via Middleton St George and we were delighted to find the off road path was dryish and mud free so we didn’t get clarted up. Komoot took us up through the town centre and across to Blackwell  and this is much easier than the way we would normally have taken around the town centre.  Komoot uses lots of the marked cycleways so was easy to check out.

The small park area was a carpet of crocuses and snowdrops with the odd daffodil poking through.



Then we needed to cross the approach road to the A66. This is busy with cars and lorries so is a tricky place but with care we made it to the roundabout and up through Stapelton to Cleasby. There was a bit of SW wind but it wasn’t too bad as we booled along happily to Eppleby.

It was a little to early to see the daffodils that Eppleby is renowned for in the spring. The split village square has lots of  different varieties and I love to see them. We will have to get across there again in the next few weeks.

We stopped for home made scones and got talking to 2 men who were packed up for bike packing. It was there first time and they were headed up the dale to a spot not too far away to spend the night wild camping. We told them of the Cycle Touring festival  and some of the trips we have made by bicycle.

Then it was off , into a head wind and climbs towards Richmond. The place where Komoot suggested crossing the A66 isnt good and I got a passing cyclist to confirm that riding to Melsonby was a better alternative.


There is a good crossing that gives a clear view of traffic from both directions with a refuge in the centre. This makes it so much easier.  Once across there is a steep descent into Gilling West and then more climbing before descending into Richmond. I was so glad I was on my e-bike.

Dropping down towards Brompton on Swale I stopped and took a photo across the valley. It was a bit hazy but you can see the church and a bit of the old castle I think.


Once through Brompton , we rode another 4 miles to Scorton and stopped in the bus shelter that was out of the wind and facing the sun. I toasted our sandwiches and we had a cold drink, knowing we were headed for another pop-up café.

This is in East Cowton where I was with my friend a couple of weeks ago. I turned the wrong way and had us up to North Cowton and then realised my mistake. When I was with J , we came in from a different road. Duh. Still it wasn’t too far and we stopped outside the village hall that opens most Friday afternoons from 1-4pm. Fabulous cakes and very good prices. We had lemon cake and chocolate banana cake washed down with hot chocolate.

Then it was homeward bound across through Kirklevington and Yarm to return via Preston Park and Thornaby. The sun was going down by the time we got home at 5.00pm but we had ridden 70 miles.

As a note, I changed to my spare battery in Appleton Wiske about 15 miles from home, It wasn’t empty but had used 4 cells and I didn’t want to drain it. I had the bike in the ecco mode all day apart from a few times when I needed the tour mode into the wind up hill , but not for long.   In contrast, DH rode most of the day with out assistance  and only used 1 cell of the 5 available to him. Again , used up hill into the head wind and he managed 70 miles.

Saturday dawned just as nice , so we couldn’t waste time. Spring like weather may give way to again but we couldn’t go out all day because of church commitments later in the day.

So we decided to go where our son had been the previous day. We rode up to Great Ayton and then along through Easby, turning towards Ingleby Greenhow . As we rode along we could hear hunting horns blowing but didn’t see any horses or hounds.

In Ingleby Geenhow , I was delighted to see our first spring lambs. One of the ewes seemed to have triplets .


From there it was along to Faceby and across the A172 on the Gold Loop Road – somewhere we have never been before. Its a nice way to get to Swainby without the amount of 70mph cars and lorries passing. We didn’t go to The Rusty Bike Café as it was crowded but had our kettle and mugs to make a drink and there are still public toilets here too.


Rest accomplished in the bus shelter facing the sun, we headed back across the A172 and along to Hutton Rudby, down and up the bank that I so often I had push up on my two legs, and then along to Hilton and Ingleby Barwick before getting home through Thornaby. I could see I was almost on 150 miles but not quite , so rode further than I needed to actually get home but I felt a real sense of accomplishment . I know I was on the e-bike and some people think it’s “cheating” but it has put back all the joy and more. I still have to pedal and I get a sweat on but it makes DH and I more equal and I don’t hold him back.

So this week 150 miles and YTD is 495 miles  thanks to the better weather and available time





  1. It’s amazing the difference this recent good weather can make for our cycling rides.. Lots of riders out and about around Dartmoor today. Can’t believe that a year ago we were suffering with the ‘Beast from the East’ and the roads around the moor were like sheet ice…
    We’ll done on your 150 mile week…👍

    • thank you Trevor . I wont manage that distance this week. too many other commitments I am afraid

  2. Excellent use of the good weather. Nothing is more annoying than getting a good day when you can’t use it.

  3. 70 miles in a day is amazing!

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