Posted by: brendaintheboro | January 27, 2019

Winter Cycling


Well , this week saw winter come. We have had lots of very cold mornings and because of being a scaredy-cat, I haven’t been out in the dark on ice. I haven’t slacked though. Each morning when I looked out of the window and saw frost, I got on our walking machine and exercised that way.

During the week , we took the bikes down to Cyclesense in Tadcaster for service. While that was happening , we drove across to see Peggy and Rod at South Newlands farm where we will be camping at some time this Spring  too. We have used this quiet little site for about ten years and have become friends with the owners.

I did get a couple of late afternoon rides in though and then yesterday even though there was a yellow warning for wind, with the e-bike I can cope. We didn’t see too many racing whippets on carbon steeds. I was nearly blow off a couple of times  when side winds gusted across the road. On a lighter bike, I would have been in a hedge or a ditch.

We set off  and again rode to Cozy Coffee because of 1.  the great cake. 2.   the warm welcome and 3. another variation on the route. We rode across through Stockton and I was delighted to see and hear a piper in Scottish dress and playing the bag pipes. He was playing “Scotland the Brave” and it was the day after Burns Night. On that note I will tell you we have booked rail tickets so we can do a Southern Scotland trip at Easter. Lets hope the weather is kind and we don’t get a very snowy Spring.



We again rode along though Long Newton and the A66 cycle path to Sadberge and then descended  on the road signed Sedgefield. This switch backs steeply up to Great Stainton where we turned off to our favourite cake place.

We were into wind all the way  and enjoyed our stay in the bus. There were 2 young racing snakes in there and we had a nice chat with them. One said the only reason he was out cycling because the temperature was forecast to be 10C. It might well have been but with the wind chill , it was much lower. He said he does most of his winter training on his indoor trainer.

It was better on the way back as we had the wind behind  for a fair bit of the way. At the Gt Stainton junction we turned left intending to go to Stillington  via Mordon . We passed these sheep and it was here we stopped to put on wet weather gear.


Soon after,  we saw the very quiet roadway was  jam packed with cars and trailers. There was a hunt on so at the next junction we headed straight across to Bishopton. By now the rain had started in earnest  , so we road back towards Yarm and then I was surprised to find ourselves in Hartburn. Isnt it strange how coming to a familiar road from another direction can throw you?

The rain abated somewhat so we continued on into Stockton and along the river to home through the town resulting in 43.5 miles for the day.


The weather forecast for next week is poor but I will try to get out as much as possible. I am continuing to do a bit of sketching and knitting as well as working so am not slacking.


So weekly mileage was 69 miles and YTD is 258 miles.


  1. Well done for getting such a long ride in on a windy day.

  2. Hi Brenda great story Best wishes Mike

  3. Hello Brenda, I always read your blog with interest but this is my first comment! Can I ask if you intend to review Bluebell at any point please? I’m thinking of adding an e-bike and would love to know your thoughts after owning and riding her for a while now. Thanks and happy cycling!

    • Hi Petra, thanks for reading the blog. I will review Bluebell soon but I haven’t experience of other e-bikes personally . I would say , if you can try a few and get one. you wont regret it. Its the best thing we have done.

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