Posted by: brendaintheboro | January 20, 2019

Not much cycling

Sorry folks , not much cycling in this week. Unfortunately. a combination of poor weather with early morning frosts and work  led to me only cycling 13 miles this week.

If you just want cycle details , go to the end and miss my ramblings.

I haven’t been idle though. Let me show you the cardigan I finished knitting from one of my Norwegian language pattern books. It is lovely and warm and knit in an alpaca/ wool mix. I am so pleased to get it done , having mot knitted a circular yoke from a language I don’t actually speak. My Norwegian friend e-mailed me to tell me that it is -15C over there and they have lots of snow , so he is getting out ski-ing now. We think -5C is very cold!!


I have also been doing a bit of sewing. I decided to follow along and make a quilt using the instructions for a Block of the Month with . This will take t least a year but I thought I would show my completed first block.


This is approximately  20″ square  and for those of you who want to know it was made using foundation piecing.

I have also had a go at a quick 15 minute sketch and colour experiment as I want to try something different, so here is the transporter bridge from the Saltholme marsh area.


Not brilliant but its a start.

I have used a walking machine every day this week though so don’t feel too guilty about not riding so far. BTW we also attended a wedding on Saturday so no cycling then.

Just a note to say that DS1’s photo of Saltburn cliff lift was voted first place in out local CTC photo competition. You can see it in last weeks post.

So this weeks total 13 miles and YTD 189 miles


  1. Congratulation to DS1 for the recognition of his excellent image. Very nifty looking jumper.

  2. Crikey – you are a talented artist as well!!

    • I think that’s stretching it a bit Lizzie but thank you for your comment

  3. Love the cardigan and the artwork too. Your quilting has me in awe. Not something I’ve ever attempted.

    • lots of gardeners quilt – often those in the US spend summer days gardening and winter quilting. I think its to do with the colours

      • i didn’t think of that.

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