Posted by: brendaintheboro | January 13, 2019

Back to Work

Well, the holidays were soon past and it was back to work for me. So at 6.00am on Monday morning , DH said did I want to go for a cycle ride. I looked outside and there was no rain or frost so agreed to go. It was only a short ride – 10 miles – and I quite enjoyed waking up the birds. In the park, the sleeping ducks launched themselves into the lake , as our cycle lights disturbed them.

Tuesday was pretty much a repeat but DH went off after breakfast to do some cleaning at the chapel and then he and DS1 met in Saltburn. DS1 was out with the CTC riders and it was a beautiful , mild sunny day so I couldn’t blame them. DS1 took this photo of the Victorian Cliff Lift that has had a lot of restoration work.



I didn’t get out on Wednesday or Thursday but had another early morning waking up the birds ride on Friday morning. By the time we arrive home at this time of the year, the sun is just breaking the horizon. Its a lovely time of the day and our E-bikes have good lighting built in. However, always cautious , I have extra blinking lights too as you cant be too careful.

DH was given this T-shirt by a very dear friend of ours. I think it looks rather fetching.


Saturday, saw a slightly later start. DH suggested a ride to Durham but when he looked up the route and his mileage it was going to be too far at 60+ miles. So he suggested Cozy Coffee again but going a different way. How many ways can there be? It was one of those grey, miserable days and I felt a bit Blah! Still, I got on Bluebell, and we cycled across Newport Bridge and along to Billingham. We were into a headwind but it wasn’t too bad, Striking off through Wolviston, we headed along Wynyard Road to Thorpe Thewles. By now , I was enjoying myself and the blah mood had lifted. So it was up the bank to Calton and on through Redmire to Bishopton. Then it was another climb and along to Great Stainton where I stopped and photographed the church of All Saints through a hedge as its not easily accessible .


Apparently this is a Victorian church built on the site of an ancient one.

The road to Cozy Coffee was into a full on gale at times. There were a couple of lads behind us and I expected them to overtake us but we never saw them again. Rosie was serving 3 other cyclists and it was lovely and warm in the bus. We have chosen the same chocolate cake 3 weeks running she reminded me. The other cyclist were on the bacon buns but had the chocolate cake too after seeing ours. It was lovely to be in the warmth discussing cycle touring as these 3 have talked about trying a tour but never have. The lass does not like the idea of camping but you don’t have to camp unless like me you love the freedom it gives you. She said her daughter would love to .

We returned home almostĀ  the same way as last week clocking up just short of 40 miles. So that is 3 times in as many weeks I have been on Sadberge. I hope we can have reasonable weather again next week but as most of Europe is blanketed in snow , it wont be a surprise if we get some as well.

mileage this week 70 miles YTD 176 miles.






  1. You are most enterprising. I must get some lights for my bike and extend the cycling day a bit.

  2. Nice post Brenda. Particularly like the T-shirt. Happy new year!

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