Posted by: brendaintheboro | January 6, 2019

Happy New Year 2019

New year’s day was Tuesday and we had arranged to go for lunch at my brother’s up in Jarrow about a 50 minute drive away. So we had a short ride , only 15 miles but it was good to get out around and through Thornaby.  We made it to lunch on time too and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves .

DH wore his Mariusganser – his typical Norwegian sweater that I finished for his Christmas gift. I love this photo of him as this is him laughing all the time.p1020530

I  am so pleased that GoogleTranslate helps to at least give me an idea of what is needed. If I didn’t know how to knit, it would be a different matter.

We managed to get out on short rides each day as the weather was unseasonably mild even if there wasn’t too much sun.


But fortunately, there hasn’t been too much wind either.

On Friday, DH asked how far I wanted to ride. I thought about 20 miles so he said he would accompany me  but maybe go off on his own to get in more miles. We set off across to Thornaby and then up towards Yarm. We turned off on the outskirts of the town to climb up past my friend’s field and on through Aislaby and along to Middleton St George. From here we rode up to Sadberge where I took photos of the Sadberge Gaurdians. They were carved from 3 Sycamore trees that had come to the end of their lives and become unsafe.


They are showing signs of weathering now but have been there since 2009 when the carving took place.

Then I was still unsure which way to go back but chose the Norton signed way. DH continued on with me until we got on the outskirts of Stockton. I came to one of the roads into town and turned off while DH continued along to Norton. When I was part way down the road I recognised where a familiar cycle path crosses the road and turned onto it. As I was riding down , I spotted a young man laden with panniers and shouted a greeting. He as a young Belgian lad who was touring as far north as he could get with Edinburg  being his final destination. We talked about bicycles on trains as he is hoping to get one back down. It was really nice to talk to another of the cycle touring clan.

That reminds me. I have bought tickets for the Cycle Touring Festival which will take place on May 27-29th at Waddow Hall , Clitheroe. Its fantastic to meet other cycle tourists of all shapes and sizes both young and old. Tickets are on sale now if you want to go. There are all sorts of talks on all aspects from simple weekend tours to those who choose to go away for years. I have made some lovely friends through this festival which is non-commercial and at very reasonable price. Did I say that all meals on Saturday and Sunday are included.

Cycling author Andrew Sykes has recently written about it on his blog Cycling in Europe, also a WordPress blog site, if you want to go and have a look there too.

On Saturday, DS1 had suggested riding over to Cozy Coffee to see the lovely Rosie for her cake. Unfortunately, he became ill during the night so didn’t accompany us. I suggested going to Newton   Aycliffe to a fabric/crafting store that someone had mentioned. DS1 programmed the route into Komoot ( an app) and it was really easy to follow. Basically it was our normal route across but then the app took us up through Aycliffe village  and onto the business park . Spot on.

I only bought a small amount of fabric – well you have too , don’t you. You do if you are a fabricaholic!!

So, it was back to Rosie’s for hot chocolate and cake and then deciding which way to return home. We went down to Darlington and then along to Sadberge for a 2nd time in 2 days. A surprise for me. Then we rode along the cycleway alongside the A66 and on through Long Newton and Elton . We then chose to ride along to Preston Park and back though Thornaby.


Yes , its been all local riding but for me its added up to 106 miles since Tuesday so I feel very satisfied. Next week won’t be as much because it will be back to work as usual.

YTD 106miles



  1. What a great cycling start to the year. I hope things continue to go as well in the weeks to come.

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