Posted by: brendaintheboro | January 1, 2019

Success in 2018

Just a brief report to record that in the Christmas week , we did get out and cycle and amassed another 86.95 miles. Nothing special just local  rides of various short lengths but it adds up.

In 2017 I had a revised target of 3250 miles and so set myself a target to get 4000 miles ridden during 2018 and I am pleased to report that ,my actual total ended at 4253.6 miles. I have a big smile on my face. Hopefully I can achieve the same in 2019,

Happy Cycling Everyone




  1. Amazing mileage! I beat my last year’s mileage as well, which I was pleased about as the weather and illness at the beginning of the year didn’t help.

    • thanks Lizzie – good to hear you are doing well.

  2. […] I’m tempted top say ‘yes‘. It’s not really my style. I did enjoy the challenge of 300 miles in September thing but towards the end of the month it was beginning to play on my mind. I think Brenda, however, could have the solution to my January desire to set virtuous aspirations. That said, she does seem to like targets herself. This is what she says in her own first post of 2019 on her website ‘Cycling In The Sixth Decade‘: […]

    • thanks for mentioning me Andrew. We are all different so making a target helps to motive me, especially when the weather is cold and miserable

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