Posted by: brendaintheboro | December 23, 2018

Birthday Ride 2018

This week sees us enjoying both our wedding anniversary and my birthday. The weather hasn’t been wonderful and Tuesday was marred by bad weather – rain and strong winds. Instead, of a trip to the LDS Temple in Chorley, we didn’t want to risk crossing the Pennines in bad weather, we did Christmas shopping.  Unfortunately, during  the night I awoke with a strange feeling  – an abnormal heart rhythm,  I called 111 only to be told to go to hospital, I am  proud of our NHS and was seen quickly to be assessed. No abnormality showed up  but I have to have follow ups which will be in a while from now, I was told I could drive and cycle with care.

Saturday dawned bright and with only a light breeze. We decided  to try a short birthday ride across to my favourite café, Cozy Coffee.  We chose the shortest way there going across to Stockton and up the track and on to Bishopton. There is a bit of a climb out and I didn’t want to risk creating a problem so used my e-bike in Tour mode up that bank.

Rosie had no customers  when we arrived so enjoyed hot chocolate and chocolate cake and a nice chat. Just as we were getting ready to depart , there was an influx pf customers and she had been busy during the morning,

As I was feeling OK, we rode down into Darlington and DS1 went hairing off down North Road. I phoned him to tell him we were heading to Sadburgh a shorter way and we really surprised when we saw him further down the road. He knows lots of other routes .

Once we got to Sadburgh , he suggested riding a cycle track along the side of the A66 that I didn’t know existed . Then we crossed a bridge to Long Newton  and along back through Elton, then Stockton  and back along the river  and home. It was a 39 miles ride but with a very short ride to the shops the weekly total was 41.65 miles.

birthday ride

YTD  4166.65 miles



  1. Happy birthday Brenda. Look after yourself and enjoy many more of them.

    • thanks TP . a merry Christmas to you and your lady

  2. Happy Birthday, and Merry Christmas, and Happy Anniversary all at the same time. Lots of love xxxx

    • thanks Ilona.feeling much better and we will have a lovely time. will you be out looking for yellow stickers later today. got some salad reduced but only by 50%.

  3. Happy birthday Brenda and have a nice Christmas.All the very best to you and Joe for 2019

    • thanks Jim and a very happy Christmas and a great new year to both you and Jeanie.

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