Posted by: brendaintheboro | December 16, 2018

The run up to Christmas

Before Christmas time, work gets busier for me and so if I can get out, just lately it is later in the day. We had a short ride on Monday late afternoon and rode along the river. We had noticed that Newport Bridge had been lit up in rainbow colours. The bridge looked so pretty  in the fading dusk light.



I was also able to stand for a few minutes and watch  a mumeration of starlings  swooping back and forth  as they came in to roost. I did try to get some photos but wasn’t really successful. All I ended up with were blurred images. It is fascinating to see but I couldn’t hand about too long as it was very chilly, just above freezing.

I am continuing to knit but ran out of wool. Fortunately, I have found a company SKD Yarns over in Chester, who stock the Norwegian yarn I needed. It wasn’t the same  dye lot but it doesn’t make too much of a problem as it is used above a white band. I hope to show it next week.

DH was very busy all week. He and his sister spent many hours setting up the church cultural hall for a “Night in Bethlehem” event for our ward Christmas party. We had a lovely time and  the hall looked wonderful with a “well”  and “palm trees” made out of cardboard

well. There were also stalls made from tables with canopies erected over them. Both adults and children took part in various crafting activities, a nativity acted out  and there was lovely food as well.


There was a tax collector and we were requested to donate hats, scarves, gloves and toiletries to be given to  homeless charity. A super time and no Santa in sight. The true meaning of Christmas. Thanks to my son for taking these photos


We did get a short ride on Saturday but it was freezing with a strong wind that had a very chilling effect so after 10 miles we headed for home.

So the week 25 miles so YTD is 4125 miles.





  1. I like the idea of a tax collector a lot.

    • The chap who did it was really funny too.

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