Posted by: brendaintheboro | December 9, 2018

A Varied Week

Weather and what I have been up to has been different every day, We have had wind, rain and frosts. We did go out riding one frosty day and it was only near home but I learned that when there is frost even at mid day, I cannot leave my phone on my bike frame. It just went dead even though I had it plugged into a battery. It had just got too cold. I will have to try to remember that in future. Of course for most of my life I haven’t ridden with a phone tracking my progress.

On Thursday, we had our Christmas lunch at my quilt group. There were a lot of people missing due to illness or other commitments and one lady was going to do a small teaching segment but had to cancel. So I started a new quilting project. I wasn’t going to but the sewing room is back to it’s usual dishevelled state.

On Friday evening I had the opportunity to going to Beamish open air museum for a special Christmas event. I went with ladies from the Releif Society, the women’s organisation at church. The first thing I spotted was an old quilt and an old , broken  sewing machine.



We walked along to the reconstructed village and after mince pies and cordial we went into the Wesleyan chapel and listened to the volunteer choir singing carols. There was a roaring fire in the corner.P1020489

This was the sole heating for the large room. It was quite smokey as the wind was blowing  against the chimney. I asked the chap about the coal but sadly it all comes form Poland these days. The smell did back memories of childhood days.


We also joined in with the choir, some of us even providing harmony. All the volunteers were dressed as they were living in the 1920’s or 30’s.

We carried on along passed the sort of street organ I have seen in the Netherlands . It was belting out carols too. I managed to  loose most of the group and there are buses and trams to the “town”. They were very full and so I told my SIL I would walk. It was about 10 minutes and I passed an outdoor ice rink.   I am not sure how they keep it cold but there were lots of people enjoying themselves and I must admit I was tempted but thought better of it.


I did manage to find most of my friends  in the town. There were lots of musicians about.


The authentic room settings remind me of just how it was in my early years. The fireplace with side oven was how my mother still cooked  in the 1950’s. How times have changed.

Then it was time to make our way back and we did manage to get on a bus back to the entrance.

Saturday saw 40+mph winds in the morning. So I spent time sewing until noon when the winds began to abate. With the very short days , we didn’t have time for a long ride and it was another 18 miles ride.

In the evening I finished up the little wall hanging I started at quilt group. This was based on something I saw by the Missouri Star Quilt company and is about 30×24 inches. I got the idea but added the candles myself. I like how it brightens the dark greens which was just scraps I had kicking about. I was particularly pleased how I didn’t get any thread breakages while quilting the tree


So I  managed 45 miles this week in short bursts making  4100 miles. Seeing this has made me smile.


  1. I must go to Beamish one day.

  2. to see Joe the Quilters cottage.

  3. Brenda, I loved seeing the past in your photos. Brought back memories for me, especially the wood-fired stove. The little Christmas tree hanging is lovely!

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