Posted by: brendaintheboro | December 2, 2018

Meteorological winter begins

Weather-wise it has been a rotten week with high winds and heavy rains which I have to say has been somewhat off-putting in getting out cycling. I think having passed  the 4000 miles has also  made me think ” Well you achieved your goal.” mmmm Must do better.

Friday was better and I have a morning free of work so we did get out and have a short ride. Over near Preston park we saw birds wheeling in the sky. I wondered if they were starlings the way they were flying but we think that they were seagulls who had come inland.


Yesterday was a complete washout so I spent time working on tidying my sewing room which is a complete shambles but it still needs more work. I have spent evenings knitting and have finished the sleeves on a sweater for DH.  In my childhood my dad would say ” put ya ganzie on” meaning get your sweater on. I was delighted to realise that old word from the banks of the river Tyne – don’t know if its Geordie dialect or not – but its like the Norwegian word genser,  for the same clothing.


So my mileage this week is 18 miles meaning this year so far I am on 4,055 miles .


  1. Very similar mileage to mine!

    • for the week TP or the year?

      • For the week. I had to take November off due to a pulled muscle and I am way behind schedule.

  2. Probably the first time I’ve ever beaten you on a week’s mileage – but only just, as the weather’s been awful here too.

    • its freezing up here today but I got out and cycled 18 miles today and 7 yesterday so a bit better for the beginning of the week. hope you are well

    • I am over 4100 mls now woohoo

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