Posted by: brendaintheboro | November 25, 2018

Norway Visit

Norway with embedded flag. 3D illustration.
In 2006 we were fortunate enough to cycle the whole of the North Sea Cycle Route (NSCR) . The ferries used to sail from Bergen to the Shetland Isles but are no more.
As part of that route through Norway, we arrived on 1st June in Hagasund and met a man who has become a dear friend. He couldn’t meet us this summer to cycle together, and invited us to go and stay with he and his wife.  So , we flew from our local airport to Amsterdam and then onward to Oslo airport.
Kj and G were there to meet us having driven down from Gjovik on the western side of Lake Mijosa . I cannot type the correct letter o that has a line through it if you wish to find it on a map.
We weren’t cycling while there so my mileage isnt up by much but we did a lot of walking up and down the hills. Everywhere is either up or down from their house!
There was a steep walk up to the museum where a Christmas market of lovely craft items were on sale.
On Sunday evening , we went into town for the annual switch on of the Christmas tree lights as there granddaughter was singing   a choir. What really surprised us was the crowd having burning torches. No health and safety there with even children having the torches. Here in the UK they don’t even want children to have sparklers!!P1020407
The children’s choir was lovely and one little girl was so enthusiastic which made me smile.


There were 2 trees lit up and the mayor of the town made the usual type of speech along with a lady from the Salvation Army.

During the week, we visited various locations and I admit to buying yarn to bring home which will keep me busy knitting over the winter. Even with patterns written in Norweigan, I can manage to follow them.  Kj’s son wondered how I can do this as he cannot read them himself, I told him I don’t read Norwegian but I can read knitting patterns – well I have to use my knitting common sense sometimes.P1020436


On Thursday , we had a drive up to Raufoss and bought some trousers for DH. Then in the afternoon we had another walk up to the top of the hill above their house , where if there is snow , you can ski.


The views are stunning.

We also saw this strange piece of kit in front of the huge water tanks for the town.



It is used to make artificial snow , now that weather is becoming more unpredictable.

Some people even use different land skis to keep their fitness up to scratch.


Friday came all too soon and we had to return home.  We hope to cycle together again but as KJ is 9 years older than us, it may be that we have to find a way to take our e-bikes to Norway without flying.

YTD 4037 miles.



  1. It is a wonder that computer programming became such a male dominated game when women have been far more competent at reading symbolic languages for years.

    • men do knit too though. not as much as women do now though.

  2. I love those little wooden houses. Looks a nice place to visit.

    • its a lovely place but very expensive. Good to stay with lovely friends so accommodation doesn’t cost us. I love those little hand crafted houses too. I was thinking they could be made from old pallets.

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