Posted by: brendaintheboro | November 11, 2018

Did It – woohoo!

Well a couple of rides during the week and a lovely ride out to Cozy Coffee has seen me exceed my 4000 miles target.

DS1suggested  a ride to Cozy Coffee but going a little longer way to get there so I would achieve my goal early.

The three of us headed out through Thornaby and across towards Preston Park. The autumn colours of the trees looked stunning in the early sunshine.


Once in Preston Park , DH went off another route that he had thought about and wanted to see if it was shorter.

DS1 and I rode along to Yarm and then turned off to go over the railway line and climb up past my friends field and along to Aislaby. There was a fresh wind blowing but with the e-bike it was relatively easy to climb up out of the village and along the winding road to Middleton One Row and Middleton St George. From here we passed by our usual track into Darlington and rode along under the A66 and in to Sadberge. There had been a motor vehicle crash at the junction involving 2 or 3 cars and there were 2 police cars present so we quickly got through the crash site so as not to be in the way. I don’t think anyone was seriously hurt though.

The road descends a steep hill and then undulates across until there is a climb back up to Great Stainton. I don’t think I have ever been on that particular road before so its nice to do something different. Then we were on familiar territory and I knew the turn off to go to Cozy Coffee. We met DH just near and he had called in to see if we had arrived and set off homeward. Well hot chocolate and melty chocolate cake were too hard to resist. I should have taken a photo but just whoomphed it down.

The sun had disappeared behind thick cloud , so it became quite chilly. I thought we would have the wind on our backs on the return but it wasn’t to be. DH even remarked how cool he felt. However, once we got near Bishopton, the sun smiles on us again and it warmed us up a bit.

So yesterday’s ride was 39.8 miles.

I have been stitching away this week including some hand work which I don’t usually do. Here are the 2 pieces for you to compare. The longer piece has half Dresden plates  and the  smaller piece has a full circle of the orange/yellow 15degree wedges. I can feel more of them will be made as the next year goes by.


I will be quite busy next week working so wont get much cycling or sewing done and then we are off for a week next Saturday.


So this week I completed 62.7 miles making my YTD 4019.7 miles woohoo!



  1. Well done fantastic achievement. Have you a target for next year?

    • will see how many I get this year until 31/12 and then try to beat it next year. will see though

  2. The stitched pieces are very cheerful and I am not surprised that you are cheerful too with 4000 miles under your belt. Well done.

  3. That looks like a gorgeous ride. And now I had better get out of bed, I suppose…

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