Posted by: brendaintheboro | November 4, 2018

Another “slow” week

The cold weather continued in the early part of the week with especially frosty mornings. A cycling acquaintance had come off her bicycle resulting in a hip fracture which required a total hip replacement. She is walking with 2 sticks now but as she and I are a similar age, I think you can understand my caution.

Later in the week, the winds changed from northerly around to the SW bringing warmer temperatures but some rain and high winds. The great thing about the e-bike is that I don’t worry too much about direction as the assistance makes it much more manageable whichever direction we travel.

I did get out after working one day but as the sun dropped before 4.30pm, so did the temperature plummet. That made for a short ride of only 8 miles but it all adds up.

On Saturday, we had a bright , sunny morning so decided to head across to Saltburn as we haven’t been there in a while. We chose the usual route up through Eston and Normanby and along to Marske by the Sea before rising the track along to Saltburn. I called in to Ripping Yarns, a lovely friendly wool shop, and bought a couple of skeins of embroidery thread for the project I am currently working on.

DS1 decided to go down the bank to the beach and then come back up along the donkey track. Usually, we walk it but with e-assistance, it is doable for some people. Not me! I wouldn’t even attempt it, as its too narrow and uneven.

This is Huntcliffe looking south. The cliffs are crumbling away along this part of the NE coast.


The pier had a few people breathing in the bracing air.


We then rode back down to Marske and then along the promenade to Redcar and home via the Trunk Road.

This is the finished table runner.


I am really pleased with it because the piped binding went so well and mitring the corners went so well.   I also like how the two colour prairie points have worked out.


Here is the small piece I am currently finishing up.


I have even done a little bit of hand work – unusual for me.


The weeks mileage a paltry 38 miles         YTD 3957 miles




  1. 4000 miles beckons!

  2. Beautiful needlecraft as ever, Brenda, and so colourful too!

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