Posted by: brendaintheboro | October 28, 2018

First signs of winter.

The contrast between the start of the week and the end couldn’t have been more different. Work was quiet so we took the opportunity to get out when we could. It was mostly just local riding along the river but on Friday, although it was windy, we did get out to Great Ayton and then rode along to Stokesley.

When we rode up through Nunthorpe we passed one of the numerous displays that are popping up to commemorate those who died particularly as it is the centenary of the end of WW1.


This is the sculptress  Tina Frank who made the willow horse and soldier. Nunthorpe Knitters made about 5000 poppies in knitting and crochet.


I also discovered recently that my Grandfather’s brother was killed fighting in that war. So many men who sacrificed their lives for us and many still haven’t learned to love each other as we should do.

In Great Ayton there are tow displays but I only took a photo of one of them.


We had a few close passes and as the temperature dropped quite a bit as the wind increased, DH wanted to go straight home, I wasn’t prepared to ride the main road and so we separated for me to go on quieter roads. He gets much colder than me and hadn’t brought along a warmer jacket. Me , I always have extra clothing. Be Prepared is a motto I have followed since childhood.

So I rode along towards Seamer but then turned for Newby. I was going to go up to the main road but as I was passed by very few cars decided to turn down through Thornton and Stainton before going home via Coulby Newham . This added an extra 4 miles on DH’s mileage.

I managed to finish up the small wall hanging that I started with Sheena Norquay.


I have an online Craftsy class with a lady called Susan Cleveland and so I used her method to applied a piped binding and some prairie points into the binding too.


To give it a bit of glam, I applied some foiling too. I used Susan’s idea of hanging little felt beads from the corners. I didn’t buy the felt beads, I made them with some wool that I felted with a little tool that has barbed hooks . I did stick my fingers a couple of times but no blood was spilt.



I am also working on another piece  inspired by Susan Cleveland. I hope that will be finished to show next week.


We didn’t ride at all on Saturday, as the wind and rain turned to sleet and there was snow on the hills. Winter is starting early this year.

So this week, I rode 60 miles and my YTD total is 3919 miles.



  1. You have now outpaced me entirely in the mileage stakes but at least we have been spared the snow. I like the wall hanging.

    • its not a competition but the love of cycling. I admire your music exploits – something I cant do but we are both creative in our own ways

  2. That is really beautiful work, Brenda. Very very neat!

    • thanks Lizzie. I have loved learning this method of making a piped binding.

  3. Brenda, the knitted poppy movement is growing worldwide. There are thousands of them planted around the War museum in our capital, Canberra. I think its a lovely tribute. Your wall hanging is whimsical. I see you have more tail feathers to finish. Be sure to post the final result.

    • the bird has already flown the coop. I took it to show at our quilt group “show and tell” and one of the members asked if she could take it to a lady we know who has had a very severe stroke. One of the things they say to each other is ” shake your feathers” when trying to motivate each other.. M isn’t too sure if L even recognises her so she is trying to stimulate her in whatever way she can.

      • Your quilt might just jog a memory. So sad for her.

      • it is Robyn as she was such an active lady. She was at the gym when it happened. she had done 2 exercise classes and a swim.

      • Harder I think when you’ve been active

      • I think so too

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