Posted by: brendaintheboro | October 21, 2018

Back on Form

Well, its been a few weeks since I last posted, partly due to illness and partly due to doing other things. In the first two weeks after the virus , I didn’t get much cycling but did take the time with finishing up a large quilt.  When I say large , I mean over 100 inches in all directions. I will never do so again – well not in one large piece. It was just too much weigh to move around under the machine needle as it moved up and down and I manoeuvred the quilt layers beneath the moving needle. I am not too pleased by  the way it lays but it will go on a bed , so its not a problem.


I took it over to church to photograph it  and  lots of the sisters admired it. I didn’t point out the glaring mistakes.


I also went across to Panico’s in Stockton. The lovely Abbie from AbbieAnn Patchwork in Wadebridge Cornwall had come up to run a workshop on creative landscape work. I didn’t do the workshop but had a lovely chat with her.


Andy had come up from King’s Lynn with his lovely quilting templates and rulers. I must admit to succumbing to buying a couple more. Andy makes all of these here in the UK


I have also been to a workshop by a quilter called Sheena Norquay and am finishing up that piece – a small wall hanging of a fantasy bird. I hope to show you that next week.

So on to the cycling. This week , the weather has been great. The previous weeks were stormy with high winds , but this week was so different. Mostly, it has just been local riding but on Thursday we cycled up NCN1 as far as Shotton Colliery and then rode across to Peterlee. We were going to visit a friend and I never realised just how hilly that area in. The views out over the sea were good though.


We chose to ride back home via the coast road through Horden and in to Hartlepool before picking up NCN14 back home.

Yesterday, we took the opportunity to have another longish ride and set off through Yarm. Once we got to Kirkleatham village, we had to stop to take layers of clothes off as it was so warm. Then our son showed us a way through Girsby and down to Low Dinsdale to cross the River Tees. The road climbs up from the valley floor and is narrow. The road edges are potholed and a driver was irate even though we were cycling single file. He was being slowed down and made a very close pass. DS1 shouted out. The car driver stopped abruptly – unsafely  on a bend – and proceeded to swear at us for riding in the middle of the road. We weren’t  but had to stay a little way out because of the poor road margins. It was when I said that he was too close that he got back in the car and sped off. Such unpleasantness is unnecessary.

From there we went through Cleasby and Manfield before arriving in Piecebridge. We joked that Manfield may need to have a name change as there is so much political correctness just lately. A big paper tissue company is changing the name of Man size tissues to extra large.

We stopped in the organic café/ farm shop and recharged the electric batteries while we had a drink and cake. Setting off again, we cycled up through Walworth and Heighington to get on to the A167 at Aycliffe village. I missed the turning so had to double back to get to Cozy Coffee for another refreshment stop. Then it was our usual way back home making a ride of just over 60 miles.


three weeks mileage 201 miles  YTD 3859



  1. Welcome back, I wondered where you were. That’s a massive quilt, you did very well to finish it.

    • thanks Ilona – nice to known I have been missed. thank you for the compliment on the quilt. it is massive – Just right for those who will receive it.

  2. 200 miles and an enormous quilt are not bad for three weeks when you have been unwell. The weather is not looking too promising so you did well to get out when you could.

    • thanks TP. Feeling back to normal – well as normal as I can be heehee.

  3. A most interesting read Brenda!

  4. A ride of “just over 60 miles” is quite something! Was that on the electric bike?

    • Yes Lizzie. been out today as well – windy but because of the e-assist no problem. DH has one too and he says its the best decision he has made. He hardly uses the assist but its there if he needs it. He rode to Riccall and back in one day 147 miles and he did it in less than 11 hours – he still had battery power left. It has taken him 13 hours when on his ordinary bicycle.

  5. Lordy, 200 miles and a huge quilt, and under the weather? You’re amazing to me! If I get 10,000 steps in on any given day, I am jubilant! (And that’s equivalent, according to Google, to about 5 miles) Keep inspiring us!! Love the quilt!

    • thank you Karla. Its best when we can do what we enjoy. These are both things I love doing.

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