Posted by: brendaintheboro | September 30, 2018

Virus stops play

Both my son and husband got  what we assume is a common cold virus a couple of weeks ago. You know the sort, runny nose, streaming eyes, sore throat and a hacking cough. I thought I had dodged it. Big mistake. I hadn’t, so this weeks mileage looks pathetic.

We have had some cool blue sky days with briskish winds and I did get out but by Wednesday, I couldn’t speak at all and had to give in. As I write , I feel slightly better but all that nose blowing resulted in a nose bleed this morning. All over the front of my one and only cashmere sweater so I didn’t get to church and went back to bed.

As for the sweater, here is a top tip from my other passion in life – quilting. Did you know that your own saliva has an enzyme in it that will stop the blood from staining.  I now this from those who hand quilt and prick their fingers. So I spit on the blood spots and rubbed it in and left it while I slept. Then I hand washed it and its now drying.

The autumn colours are beautiful at present.42432903_1801726329955116_5914935557397413888_o

This was taken last Monday morning at sunrise. It was chilly with the first grass frost of the autumn.

This weeks riding 38.8 miles  YTD



  1. Here’s hoping you kick that virus in the butt and enjoy more of Autumn foliage.

  2. In spite of the quiet week, you are hundreds of miles ahead of me. I hope that you are fully recovered soon. Your autumn colour looks more promising than ours.

  3. Gorgeous picture Brenda. Sorry you’re not feeling well. Thanks for the tip about removing blood stains. I’ll have to try it. Get better soon!

  4. Thank you for the saliva tip. I can’t wait to try it out! Hope you feel better soon.

    • I know it works on natural fibres but not so sure on synthetics. It has to be the person’s saliva that shed the blood to work

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