Posted by: brendaintheboro | September 23, 2018

Autumn Storms

While the news has been full of hurricanes and tornadoes around the world , Britain has been blasted by two storms in quick succession. Winds have exceeded 80 mph and for us that is really strong but we have still managed to get out cycling when it was safe to do so – usually early in the morning before the sun came up. The sun rising always seems to increase wind strength.

Most days it was only short rides of about 8-10 miles but we did get in a ride of 32 miles on Saturday. I have seen the cygnet in the park and it is about adult size now but still has juvenile plumage.

I thought I had managed to photograph it , but haven’t managed it. I like the teasel heads in this photo, so here it is.


The trees are changing colour and there is debris littering the tracks and  roadways. I think because the trees were still in full leaf , that branches have been torn off too. I know a couple of trees were downed locally too.

We have cycled through the park often this week and along the river.


Saturday saw 3 of us out up to Great Ayton and then along to Guisbrough passing Roseberry Topping.


We were a bit at odds with each other. I thought we were going one way and DH another. He kept referring to Carlton when he really meant Charltons. So we ended up along route 168 , through Boosbeck and then the climb up to Skelton Green where we saw a couple of these signs hanging outside pubs. I think this means cyclists are welcome.


Then came the steep descent into Skelton village before carrying on downhill to Marske. The Festival of Thrift was on at Kirkleatham and despite being assured the cycle track would be free to ride across, I was very sadly misinformed. The place was heaving with stalls outside blocking the way. I was so pleased not to be trying to attend by car as the place was gridlocked. People were getting off buses and walking  and the one way road from Lazenby had very dangerous drivers coming up it the wrong way. They were obviously sick of being in a traffic jam. When the festival was held in Darlington , there didn’t seem to be these problems.

I was also supposed to be camping this past weekend but due to the weather my friend C and I have postponed our little overnight camp.1. the ground was too wet and 2. we were afraid of damage from the branches coming off her woods.

Because of reduced cycling hours , due to the weather, I have had a chance to make a cot quilt for some cycle camping friends who have recently had a baby. I was able to use bicycle fabric one side and camping fabric on the reverse. Simple but I enjoyed making it.


So this weeks 79.7 miles  and YTD 3619.3 miles.



  1. Very good mileage considering the conditions.

  2. Most entertaining read. I can relate so well. I love cycling too.
    Best wishes Mike

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