Posted by: brendaintheboro | September 16, 2018

Enjoying the cycling

We have been able to ride 6 days out of 7 this week and that made me really happy. The weather hasn’t been too bad with very little rain or wind but the forecast for next week isnt so good. Apparently the tail end of an Atlantic hurricane will be blowing in by Wednesday , so I will make the most of the days I can.

The early mornings have been chilly, so we have started wearing long pants and long sleeved jerseys to keep warm. The sun isnt rising until after 6.30am but it is making for some beautiful sunrises even though soon after the clouds thicken to a grey sky.

We just rode the usual early morning routes needing lights more to be seen by vehicles, than to see the road ahead.


I took this one more for the sky colours , the pinks and lavender colours near the bend in the river. Further round, the sun was just cresting the horizon.


The weather forecast for Saturday wasn’t the best, but we decided to try a longer ride using the e-bikes so by 8.30am we were ready to go. We rode across through Thornaby and Preston Park before heading up through Yarm and on up to Northallerton. I had maps with me and we turned on to the A684. I can say, that I wouldn’t have ridden it without the speed afforded by the e-bike as the traffic was fairly heavy going towards the A1. There was a bit of fine drizzle in the air and so put on rain jackets.

We pulled over in the village of Ainderby Steeple and let a string of cars pass until I could take a photo of the church on the hill. This  village is mention twice in the Doomsday Book so it dates back more than a 1000 years and the church , St Helens dates from the 14th century.


After that we carried on crossing the river Swale and on to Leeming Bar and then down along the old A1 to the village of Leeming where we have a friend who gave us a lovely welcome and a hot chocolate drink. By now we had cycled 30 miles and after a happy visit, we returned along the same route through Leeming bar and back towards Northallerton.  We could see a string of cars and thought it was a farm vehicle but I could hear a faint popping sound. At first I thought there was something wrong with my bike but there wasn’t. It was a steam vehicle pulling a trailer. Something similar to what we saw in the Netherlands on our summer tour.



We managed to get past and I stopped at our turn off. I hoped the steam vehicle would come past but they stopped at the bottom so I used the zoom lens to get a photo.

I also got a photo of DH  while he waited for me. The sun had come out by now so we were both happy and remarked that we hadn’t expected that.


We rode on through Scruton and Great Fencote, a little village. We saw a nice cyclist’s dining room, a bus shelter with a seat, and pulled up to have 2nd breakfast. A lady walking her dog told us there are very few buses along there these days, although they used to have 2 a day. She was interested in our bikes and was surprised where we had come from.


Along from there , we picked up NCN 72 in Kirkby Fleetham and along to Great Langton which is another ancient settlement going back before the Anglo-Saxons  came to the British Isles. From here we carried on through Streetlam and were back on what we regard as home turf , as we ride it so often.

DH didn’t have the assist on much at all  and came home with 4 out of 5 cells on the battery showing. Me – well I used it more and had 2 cells left so for 71 miles , I was pleased. This is really good. I was watching a programme about electric cars last week and they talked about “range anxiety” when people don’t know if they will have enough electricity to get where they are going. I didn’t take the charger with me and did feel a little anxious  but this was good as it encouraged me to ride without the assist on for more of the time and for now I am quite capable.

So this week I rode 133.1 miles so now I am on 3569.6 miles YTD.


  1. You are piling on the miles now.

    • We are having so much fun on these new bikes

  2. Brenda, I’m in awe of the great distances you travel, even when the weather is less than kind. The old church is just lovely and it was a treat to see the steam vehicle. I love the skies too. I’ve always enjoyed photographing clouds and light.

    • thanks Robyn, I just take snaps as we are passing as DH doesn’t like me stopping too often.

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