Posted by: brendaintheboro | September 9, 2018

First signs of Autumn

The weather has taken a definite change in this past week. We have had to dig out the long fingered gloves and cover our ears when out on the early morning rides. Most days have had some rain at some point in the day – even when it hasn’t been forecast!!  The shortening days, also mean we are out as the sun is coming up.


I didn’t tell you but last weekend while at the Harrogate quilt show, DH went across to Cyclesense and invested in a Koga World Traveller for himself. It wasn’t something we had thought we would do, but the Hadrian’s Wall ride made him think again, As we are now in our later 60’s , the ability to carry our camping gear and get up steep hills, was getting harder. We also discussed the possibility of the UK leaving the EU. It is so uncertain what will actually happen but one thing we are fairly convinced of , prices won’t come down. He had seen me get up the hills pulling my trailer with ease and so decided to go for it now, instead of waiting a few years. So this week , he has used it on our early morning rides  mostly not having the assist turned on. A friend asked what he will call his bike. mmmmm he’s not really a namer of bicycles but we have decided to call him E-ZeeRider. Sorry no photo so far.


Yesterday, we had a ride across to Cozy Coffee as we didn’t have a lot of time as it was a weekend that we needed to be at church on Saturday and Sunday (Stake Conference). I also wanted to go into Stockton as a quilt shop was having an official opening and I was personally invited last weekend, It is called Panicos and on Teesside those of us who have sewn for years are well aware of the name. The next generation have revived the name and I for one are so pleased to see them succeed. I came away with a couple of purchases to finish a quilt I am working on. I will show it when it is finished.

So yesterday we cycled 39 miles and during the week 81.8 miles making a YTD 3406.52 miles. I am pleased that I will exceed last years total if I keep going this way.




  1. Beautiful sunrise shot. Kudos for getting going so early in the day. You are probably right about prices and brexit but I haven’t been able to persuade Mrs T to get an e-bike yet.

    • to be honest , its only because we want to keep on cycle camping and taking all the gear we do. if it hadn’t been for that we wouldn’t have bothered.. it makes such a difference when you can do the longer days

  2. Brenda, i forgot to tell you how much I enjoyed your Hadrian’s Wall posts. I hiked the trail a year ago and thoroughly enjoyed the trip. I had one eye on the path and one eye looking for nearby cyclists. it’s a special part of England for me and I want to return and walk or cycle other trails.

    • Northumberland is one of my favourite places too Annie

  3. Stunning photos!

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