Posted by: brendaintheboro | August 19, 2018

More sewing and cycling

The weather this week has been much more normal for the north east of England. That is to say we are having wind and rain on and off. I was thinking back to my teenage years which was spent patrolling the beaches as a volunteer lifeguard. Early September would see the weather change to bright blue skies but a fierce wind from the north. It would whip the sand onto out legs causing them to sting while we continued our training for the national championships which were held at the end of September or beginning of October complete with a sea swim – no wet suits in those days.  Sorry. Nostalgia creeping in.

So with dodging the weather I only managed 66.5 miles over most of the days not really going anywhere exciting, just the usual river riding. We did try for a little further yesterday but came home after 23 miles  as both of us were nearly blown into traffic by blustery side winds.


Last weekend, I found out that a friend was very unwell. She had cancer a decade ago but now has a brain problem . I felt impressed that I needed to give her a fabric hug. So in my other free time, when I wasn’t working , I decided to make an easy quilt. Another internet friend  had sent me instructions for an easy tessellating quilt block. I pulled fabrics from my stash and made 10 inch blocks, stitched them together and added a border. One of the things I did on yesterday’s cycle ride, was to buy some fabric to make the binding.


The eagle -eyed  among you will realise that some of this fabric is more of what I made in last week’s quilt.

I got the idea for the binding from Amy – a Craftsy class tutor – and used a curly stitch to hold it in place. it seemed simpler than a blanket stitch and more secure. This is to be used and  not given pride of place.


My friends who write FamilyBycycle, are at present cycling the end to end  LEJOG with their two little ones. They are currently in Cheshire after setting off from Land’s End last weekend. The girls ate on tagalongs  so if you see them, please be patient and give them room.

So YTD 3068.5 miles



  1. Howdy from Illinois! Just reading your blog (came over from Ilona’s blog) and am in wonder of you ladies. You seem so brave to me.

    Do you cycle and camp alone? Am I reading that right? I am afraid that if I were to try that here, I would need a large and snarling German Shepherd as well as a side arm to stay safe. Or maybe I am just a scaredy-cat? I don’t know. Maybe it’s safer in England. Sigh.

    Am agog that you’ve logged 3000 plus miles already this year!! I am a walker and a now and then cycler – and manage to log some decent mileage, but not even close to Ilona’s for walking or yours for riding.

    I am 57 – female, married, but the husband does not share my love of walking or riding. Only occasionally can I interest him in going, as he has some knee issues. Not too many nice places around me to walk or ride (live in the land of soy and corn) so I must drive to places. A disadvantage of living in the “country” here.

    Thank you for your inspiration!!!

    • Hi Karla, yes I do sometimes cycle and camp on my own but more often with my husband (DH). We try to cycle some miles every day and they all build up. Today was about 16.5 miles along the river , early in the morning – best time of day. We are intending to get away cycling and camping this coming weekend. My DH used to have knee problems walking down hill but the cycling has strengthened his leg muscles and he no longer gets the knee pain.
      We are both 67 and I believe the north f England is safe – it isnt usual for anyone to have a gun and on the whole I feel very comfortable going out alone. the beauty of England is that the scenery changes so often in a relatively short area.
      Hope you keep reading and commenting.

      • Wow, 67 and cycling all over! You give me much hope!!! Thank you!

      • well I first started cycle camping as a 16yo so I have a lot of experience but it is only since I got a lot older that I had the courage to go off on my own, DH was very worried for me but is more relaxed now.

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