Posted by: brendaintheboro | July 29, 2018

Unpredictable Weather

The week started out hot and continued to get hotter and hotter. We enjoyed the early morning rides usually along the river or around the nearby park where I was able to spot the cygnets. One swan has 2 remaining and the other has a single cygnet. The fall out rate has really been a shame as this means one pair of swans has lost at least 6 babies. Such a shame.


The singleton is growing well and both its parents were close by. Initially , as it was snuggled down, I hoped it was 2 but as I approached and it became aware, i could see it was just the one.

I am also preparing for a solo camping trip next week and DH suggested I get my stuff together and  we could see how far I could manage in hillier country. Then on Friday night this happened.


This wasn’t on my road, but I could see the water thundering along our road and it contributed to the flooding that occurred at the bottom of the road. I remember seeing it like this about 40 years ago but not since. The thunder and lightening were amazing and went on for about an hour and a half and the rain pelted down.

Saturday dawned and although it was dry, it was much cooler and we dithered about as I got the trailer packed. By the time we left the house the wind was really blowing hard. The weather forecast said gusting at 40 mph and we decided that although I would pull the trailer, we wouldn’t go so far. Unfortunately, as we passed over Newport bridge, we both were nearly blown off as the gusts were so bad.

So, it wasn’t such a good mileage for the week but 67 miles is better than nothing.

YTD 2678.8 miles


  1. Unpredictable is right. I just hope that we aren’t going to get two months of horrible weather to follow our two good months.

    • I hope so too. I remember back in 1976, when the weather broke it seemed to rain for that length of time

  2. Lovely photos of the swan and cygnets. I hope the weather is good for your camping trip! I remember the first rain after the hot spell of 1976 – sticking my arms out of the window (in Bristol) and feeling it on my hands. And posters that said “Save water, shower with a friend”. Husband says the forecast for the next few days is good again but I’m not sure if that’s just for our area……

    • looking OK here too. I will be into the wind but with the new e-bike I will be ok. loving the world traveller e-bike. I don’t need to use the assist all the time . May need it more on a more hilly route. Dave gave me 10% discount on it.

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