Posted by: brendaintheboro | June 3, 2018

Cozy Coffee

Well done Rosie on getting the new bus coffee shop up and running . We couldn’t get there on Bank holiday Monday as we were cycling back from Boroughbridge.

We knew that our friends the Jones Family had been cycling in the North and arranged a meeting there as it’s just off the A1 but very quiet. I had made bags for the children and wanted to pass them on. They hadn’t made it to the Cycle Touring festival this year so it was lovely to see them and the girls have grown so much in the year. Even though they are only 4 and 5 years old they remembered me. The bags were made with some cycling fabric remnants I had need to use up. My other vice apart from cycling.

When we got there , the place was packed with cyclists ,so was great to see the supportD Rosie is getting.  This is a group of cyclists from Aycliffe.


Despite there being so may people around, the girls had a great time playing with the sand and on a small slide. I don’t think these other cyclists realise just how far these little ones cycle. I know during last week , one of their days was 60 miles, on the tag-alongs, but they still had time and energy to play.


Our time together with them was too short, but we may get to see them later in the year.

I did manage to see newly hatched cygnets during the week. One was trying to get onto its pen’s back and I think there are another 3 there but cannot be sure. The photos aren’t too clear but taking photos through the fence was difficult. Its the little grey fuzzy bit up near her beak.


I haven’t got many miles in this week – in fact only 10 but I am extremely busy with work and now I am free for a month of cycle camping. I don’t know if I will be able to blog but I will make sure you know about my adventure.

YTD 1380.6 miles




  1. Good luck with the tour.

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