Posted by: brendaintheboro | May 13, 2018

Post Festival Cycling

While I know some people felt a slump after the truly inspiring Cycle Touring Festival, I was determined to get out and keep the buzz going. I had deliberately kept Tuesday free  so that I could have time to wind down.

What did I do? Went out and cycled nearly 57 miles. It wasn’t meant to be that way as we cycled across to Darlington to Ultralight Outdoors to pick up some new guy lines and a few pegs. It was such a lovely day and DH said why not go a bit further. We hadn’t set out from home until nearly 10am but carry on cycling , we did. First we rode to Cleasby a little village outside Darlington and we stopped for me to eat a little. DH had a drink but didn’t want to eat. We then cycled through to Manfield and stopped near the church to see if I could locate the tap and get more water. It was so hot I needed to drink more. DH just doesn’t seem to have the same metabolism as me . I couldn’t find the tap , so we carried on to Eppleby , thankful to find the village shop still had ice cream in the freezers. I was afraid that they would have sold out over the weekend. The very kind lady also filled my bottles and said that she thought she would cycle later in the day , but looking at the trees blowing , she might not. She is in training for a ride the night cycle event.


I recall seeing cloud beginning to build and remarked that they were lenticular clouds. I recognised the type but had no idea what it meant. We set off for home riding back to the main road and turned down to Piercebridge. This is the site of an old Roman settlement and we were on the same line that the Roman soldiers would have marched down , centuries ago. It’s amazing to think that some of their routes are still being used millennia later.  The river looked so good as we crossed the bridge near the site of the Roman one.



We crossed the A67 signed for West Auckland, again the same straight route and then turned off and headed back under the A1 and into Cockerton on the outskirts of Darlington. By now it was time for another short stop where we had half a cheese scone each and more to drink. Cloud was building fast so we didn’t hang about. Passing though the Whinneys nature reserve we felt the first drops of rain. Most held off until we got off the road into Long Newton where we stopped to don wet weather jackets. DH had been reluctant to dig his out but a few minutes later was glad he did. No rain had been forecast so it came as a surprise but with the cloud building , we had a clue

By the time we arrived home, cutting through Teesside Park, the rain was easing and soon after arriving home, it stopped.

As a note , more to myself, I had a really extreme bout of leg cramps from thighs to feet later in the evening when I had gone to bed. I had been taking minerals throughout the day with the water and didn’t expect it. Perhaps because it was so warm and I sweat copiously , I needed more sodium. A couple of pinches of salt under the tongue , did the trick.

I was working the rest of the week , so it was good to get out early mornings. We saw these delightful new goslings with their parents. I am not sure where the nest was as the other geese and swans are still sitting the nests.




Saturday arrived and the forecast wasn’t bad but not great either. We decided as we haven’t been to the coast for a while, we would cycle though to Saltburn. We called to see one of our old Sustrans buddies who is now pretty much confined to home. He told us about the farmers market being held and we bought a very large fruit scone . We stopped in the community garden and eat that and had a drink.


I was pleased to see that someone is looking after the community garden and thought the strawberry patch looked very good with the strawberry model showing what is to come.


It became lovely and warm and I cycled in short sleeves back along the coast road, I was so surprised to see these two , looking like they were somewhere very hot. It was warm but not that hot.


We road the trunk road back home and I am pleased to report this weeks total is 117.6 miles. so YTD 1034.6 miles . Considering the bad weather throughout the winter I am pleased that I have broken the 1000 miles




  1. Well done for cracking the thousand. In the sixties, I used to turn off the old A1 and follow the Roman road north on my way to Edinburgh via the A68.

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