Posted by: brendaintheboro | April 29, 2018

British Weather – Baa Humbug

Well, we knew the sunny weather wouldn’t last and we are back to windy , cold and some rainy weather. Still I got out and managed to accumulate 91 miles riding this week.

In the local park, swans and geese are nesting and I saw one of the swans, what appeared to be turning her eggs. Looked to be about 7 eggs. I do hope they hatch. Sorry its not such a great photo but the railings and fence make it too difficult to get up close as I don’t want to frighten her.



A little further on from her , a goose has also nested and I am pleased to report that the council have erected fences around each Individual  nest. We will hopefully see the young emerge in a few weeks.


The warm weather has seen the ground erupt with cowslips. I do love to see them in the nearby park but they are short lived.

One of our longer rides this week, took in the opening of a fabric/ café in Stockton on Tees, I am so pleased to see how well they are doing. Many years ago , the parents of this girl had fabric and haberdashery shops and stalls that I used often. Then they stopped  and I was so pleased to see them at the Harrogate quilt show.

The shop is at 16 Bishopton Lane in Stockton on Tees. What more could a girl want? Fabric and cake. Oh wait – cycles as well. Carl says we can take them into the back where they can be locked securely . DH says I can go on my own next time and he wont have to wait outside. Heehee.P1010600



For the opening they had invited the chap from Crafty-UK who makes rulers and templates to come up and a textile artist was running a couple of workshops too.

I resisted the temptation of the cake though I did buy a new ruler and a few fat quarters.


Then we rode over to Seaton Carew. The wind was a cold nor’easterly and we  were directly into it. We had thought of riding to Hartlepool Headland but decided to cut it short. We stopped in the bus shelter and boiled a kettle for hot chocolate and a biscuit. DH and I have very different metabolisms and I really should have eaten a bit more then.

Coming back along the coast road, the wind was pushing us along. DH remarked that he didn’t think we had ever done that stretch so quickly and I must admit I was glad it was that way.

We stopped at Greatham creek to see the seals. There were so many of them hauled out on to the banks and I managed to get some photos with my zoom lens. Was so pleased how they have turned out.




We carried in and passed through RSPB Saltholme  where I was hoping to see new lambs as they had advertised lambing live. I think it was probably too cold and wet on the fields.

When we got back to  Newport bridge we decided to extend the ride a bit and so rode back up into Stockton – still no cake – then down through the Boro and all 3 birds are still sitting their nests.

YTD 883 miles.



  1. What an eventful ride Brenda. I loved the photos of the seals and nesting swans and geese, despite the fence. The fabric shop looked amazing. And cake as well!

    • the seals seemed to disappear for a while but there were so many on Saturday. I was so pleased to see them

      • I would be thrilled to see them.

  2. Cake and fabric and somewhere safe to keep your bike. What more could one ask! Looks a lovely shop.

    • and it only takes 20 mins to cycle to , along the river.

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