Posted by: brendaintheboro | April 15, 2018

Slightly Better

Monday morning started good but by the afternoon, when I had time to ride, it was warm enough to wear shorts ( gasp). Riding along the river was cool and eventually we had to stop and put on jackets and there was a bit of light rain too. It had to spoil itself.

We got out again to the  river on Thursday and were very surprised to see the Bark Endeavour was still there. It has been windy and we thought that the lift had not been completed because of the weather but an elderly chap said there had been a problem with the lift. He had been there for hours on Saturday and said it was something to do with the weight and the crane was not heavy enough.


We chose to come back along the road and I got this photo of the crane with what I believe to extra weights. They are the black bars with a red sign on them. On Friday, the weather was reasonable and they were able to get the ship/boat moved. It will now be refitted and the bow and stern will be rebuilt. They had to be removed to get the boat under the bridges on the river Tees. One of the reasons , we wont ever get the Tall Ships Race coming here.


As the forecast was fairly reasonable for Saturday , we decided to but the folding bikes into the back of the car and drive down to Riccall. I had decided to give a quilt to Peggy , a lady who runs a little campsite, who hasn’t been too well. She is looking better after stopping here B&B side of the business.

We parked at South Newlands farm and refused to stay for breakfast and got ourselves underway. I had worked out a route of about 45 miles. We rode down into Barlby  and were pleased to find a bridge with a ramp to cross the A19. We rode along to Osgodby and stopped to ask a chap the way and he warned us about cycling on the pavement. Apparently , they are now fining cyclists for doing so. We rode down through the village and past a duck pond ( no fishing) and  were overtaken by some lads on road bikes.  I wanted to check we were on the correct road and was told we were. Then he said ” have a nice day Ladies”. I laughed and said “he’s a man”. He was most apologetic  and said he just assumed we were 2 women as he only sees groups of me or groups of women together. Rarely does he see a couple.  I can understand that , as often men want to be charging off ahead , whereas my DH will ride at my pace.

We headed north past Skipwith Common and  continued on to Thorganby . The village has a beautiful show of daffodils at present.

We carried on up to Elvington and avoided the museum, but did come across this memorial to French airmen who lost their lives, flying out of the airfield that was here.

We then rode down through Sutton on Derwent – it had obviously been under Derwent and we could see that the river was still not contained within its banks.  We continued down the B1228 for a few miles and then took a right turn to go to East Cottingwith. There were numerous ROAD CLOSED signs but we had been told we would be able to get though – and we could.

Another pretty village that was just a detour though. Back on to the main road, through Bubwith and on into Howden where I bought a bottle of water. I can only carry 1 bottle and it just isnt enough for me. The day had warmed up and I had discarded my long sleeved top but was still sweating profusely. Howden has a minster so it was important in earlier times but is now a sleepy little town.


A man came up and spoke to us about our bikes. He wanted to know if they were e-bikes  but they are not. He has a Brompton for commuting but was intrigued by the gearing on ours and was most impressed with the dynamo powering the phones.

We continued on NCN65 along past the cemetery and into the village of  Barmby on the Marsh and crossed the tidal barrier and stopped for the third time to eat. I hadn’t had my preferred egg breakfast and it does make a difference . DH and I have completely different metabolisms and I should have had more sense, He can go all day with hardly anything to eat or drink but I cant.

It was delightful sitting in the sunshine and I was amazed at how many people walked past who commented on how glad they were to see the sun , and how fed up they have been with the constant rain. The water flowing through the barrier was going at a very fast pace.

We now had an off road section of about a mile and a bit. I think because of the sun it didn’t seem so long as in the past. The track is through grass and is very narrow and DH did come off once,  Very soon we were back on road and up into the village of Hemmingbrough which also has a very fine church.

P1010572There is a cycle track alongside the A63 until the village of Cliffe is reached. Here we turned north and  were soon back in Osgodby  ( locals pronounce it Ozgaby) . After we had crossed the A19 bridge , we saw the same man we had talked to earlier in the day and he asked if we had got to Elvington.

From there we retraced our way and had a hot chocolate and biscuits with Peggy and her husband before driving home,

Mileage this week 80.3 miles and YTD 683.8





  1. What a good thing that you were able to make use of a rare fine day.

    Those look like serious weights on the crane. The boat must have been heavy.

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