Posted by: brendaintheboro | March 11, 2018

More unspring like weather

The weather did warm up a little in the early part of the week but unfortunately, more cold frosty early mornings where followed up with wet days and nights. All this to say I only rode 21.7 miles during the wee.

We did ride along the river and all of the trees and bushes are being torn out to make way for 2 factories to be built. The horses have disappeared as well.

The violent storms along the east and south coasts have led to many sea creatures including  crab, lobster and octopus being washed ashore. We saw television reports of fishermen sorting through and rescuing  and returning to the sea those that could be saved. This may well lead to a reduction in catches later.

One of the things that became apparent is the appearance of an old “petrified” forest on the sea shore at Redcar. Hundreds of people have been going down to see it. DH remembers seeing some of it about 50 years ago but not to the extent that is showing.

We had intended to cycle there but heavy rain put us off an we drove over. Here are some of my photos. It felt a bit like walking on a peaty surface but that’s not surprising as  Redcar means the Reed Marsh or Red marsh and it is said that the old forest extended for miles up the coast,P1010498

This is the southern edge where the fallen trees give way to sand.


Tree root systems are clearly visible and could easily come off. To be honest , I was surprised that it had not been cordoned off.


Areas of fallen trees could also be clearly seen and wooden ribs from old wrecked ships.

If this link works it will take you to a write up in the  local press.

It was a grey and damp/wet afternoon. It looked like the offshore wind turbines were floating in the air.


We do hope for better weather soon but shall just have to be patient.

YTD 373.8 miles – must do better.



  1. We did a lot better than you this week and I got 100 miles in. On the other hand, I didn’t take a picture as good as your windmill shot.

  2. The petrified forest is a fascinating thing to see.
    You’ll definitely enjoy spring when it arrives.

    • we got out on a long ride yesterday but the snow is predicted to return this weekend

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