Posted by: brendaintheboro | March 4, 2018

It’s beginning to look a lot like


the first day of the meteorological Spring but its been more like a white Christmas. We have had about 8 inches of snow and the country has just about come to a standstill.

Europeans must be laughing their socks off. My friend in Norway says they have about  5 feet of snow and things are normal. When I was a child we had snow like this but the schools never closed. Now some children have had 4 days off. I know my next door neighbour works in Leeds and tried to get there but the A1 was closed due to jack-knifed lorries.

Needless to say. I have not been out cycling in this lot, except for Monday when it was very cold and I only cycled 5 miles. The coast has been very wild and  rivers have frozen too. We think it will thaw very quickly but have been warned this will result in flooding.

I have spent my time stitching away , when not working but many people postponed  my services until next week. I finished the Curved Piecing quiltlet and am vey pleased with it.

P1010463I made a piped binding with bias cut fabric and used the green fabric cut at 1 1/2 inches with no5 Pearl cotton as a filler. The binding isnt perfect but acceptable.

I was very pleased with the mitres. I cut 4 separate binding strips and then mitred by stitching  at the angle that I though would be right on a longish (3) stitch and then trimming and turning through. Then I pinched in and could see just how much more was needed. It worked well when I restitched and trimmed and turned. All four mitres worked well and each was at a  different angle.

The other stitching was playing with my rulers on some scrap fabric. I didn’t have an accurate plan – I hardly ever do – and this is the result.


I have managed to remove the pencil marks and have plans to make a cushion cover as I like the results. Again, not perfect but none but God is  perfect , so why worry.

DH did venture out on his bike yesterday sticking to the main roads so he could help clear the snow at church. I was glad to see him home safely but he wanted to ride as he hadn’t been out all week either.


I like the setting on my camera so I can take photos through a window.

So YTD 352.1 miles.


  1. Yep, that’s a good reason to stay indoors. The amount and spread of snow that I’ve seen through news reports is amazing.

    • haven’t seen anything like this for 50 or more years

  2. I am getting severe cycling withdrawal symptoms but at least you have some very smart embroidery work to show for the enforced cycle rest.

    • I am getting cabin fever but the thaw is setting in this morning fortunately.

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